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  1. Soc Gen reckons UK stuffed...... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11269253/French-bank-dumps-British-assets-contrasts-UK-sclerosis-with-Francois-Hollande-miracle.html
  2. Any West Yorkshire HPCers around that could canvass against this vile creature next May?
  3. Don't underestimate The Gidiot! HTB3, Stamp Duty Relief, PPI like payouts for breast implants, pensions smash & grabs. Anything is possible just to keep the wheels nailed on to this shyte cart of an economy.,,,,.
  4. 2015 MMR review to be the final pre-election bribe to really get this market frothing?
  5. Because they're trying to get more people to buy into the ponzi and it's like trying to milk a bull..... Edit clarity
  6. Articles on gazumping http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/constructionandproperty/11246632/Revealed-The-gazumping-capital-of-Britain.html BTL as an investment option http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/buy-to-let/11245456/Finally-you-can-hold-buy-to-let-in-your-pension.-Heres-how.html And general mortgage ******wittery http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/11247203/Why-its-time-for-a-re-think-for-the-730000-on-Nationwides-ultra-low-mortgage-rate.html Unfortunately there's no sense of an approaching 'endgame' from any of those articles.....
  7. Does this mean his insightful and relevant posts about illuminati & lizard people will stop?
  8. HSBC forecast (desperately hope) there will be no rate rise until 2016. The article (slightly rehashed press release) doesn't specify whether it's in our current calendar system or whether it will be stardate 2016...... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/bank-of-england/11235420/Dont-expect-an-interest-rate-rise-until-2016.html
  9. As per title. Following on from comments from Mike Coupe Sainsbury's new boss last week, stormy times ahead for the retailers. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/11235652/Goldman-Sachs-Supermarket-groups-must-close-one-in-five-stores.html
  10. You're right, instead they could lend it out for 5% return and sack all 12,000 staff.....
  11. Greencore supply Aldi out of their Worksop site. Lidl are supplied by either 2 Sisters or Adelie.MSPs (manufacturer's sales price) are similar, although there may be differences in ingredient sourcing. Retailer margins are a different discussion.... Edit clarity
  12. I used to work for Greencore, and I'm not a fan. They already have a site in Northampton making sandwiches, this is an expansion to that plant, although it's a new building. They will do well to make 5% return on sales EBITDA, so tough are the margins driven by the retailers these days. Overall, Greencore typically makes 3-3.5% profit. All Greencore employees get 35 hours plus per week. They do use agency staff to flex their numbers because the retailers can amend their orders at a moment's notice. It's a tough business to be in. They will happily employ UK staff because language skills are in short supply. However locals that stick with it can progress to QA or line leader pretty quickly and will be on £8+ an hour. Unfortunately very few do stick with it. The food industry has been trying to recruit locally for years. Wages are low, but so are food prices. Feel free to criticise the wages, but only if you're prepared to pay a lot more for your food.... http://www.igd.com/our-expertise/Feeding-Britains-Future/Companies-taking-part/
  13. Please re-read my post. UKIPers were not referred to as nutters, only my countrymen from Ireland. The likelihood of Farage residing in no 10 next June is somewhat unlikely. A minority gov of any shade is unlikely to take unpopular decisions. Lose the UKIP persecution complex....
  14. Yes! Pay off your cheapest debt first, as any good financial adviser will tell you.....
  15. So 250 Tory MPs will put Farage into No 10? I think not.... Minority Tory gov propped up by UKIP and various nutters from NI on an issue by issue basis results in a descent into gratuitous populism of the worst sort. Not a single hard decision made and more faux austerity.....
  16. I reckon Fergus & Judith must be taking bulk deliveries of mail...... Edit basic grammar
  17. Didcot A was closed a while back. I wonder what would be needed to recommission it in a hurry?
  18. It looks like English, it even sounds like English, but I'lol be damned if I understood more than 1 word in 3!
  19. As per title http://www.irishtimes.com/business/sectors/financial-services/unicredit-italy-s-biggest-lender-to-dispose-of-more-than-5bn-in-bad-loans-1.1964916
  20. I suspect they will have 'associates' that will be more than willing to go 3 minutes and more with Fergus in the ring! Especially if he has adequate insurance. If UKAR have successfully peddled his debts, they may have done us all a good service. I'd pay good money to watch that buffoon trying to waffle his way out of trouble with some hardcore American banksters. ???
  21. So if you know when it's all going to go t!ts up, you can dump your 'assets'/property/shares, park the cash in the bank for 6 months, and buy back the newly devalued assets. Sounds like an insider's charter to me. As always, the pertinent question is 'Who benefits'?
  22. If you're based in London you deliver in JS Dartford ( as an example) you then pay the retailer a 'pallet rate' to get product distributed to the likes of Belfast & Falkirk. If you're a smaller supplier, you may even get your product collected as part of a 'back-haul' arrangement. It all costs.....
  23. I supply own label products to the big 4 retailers. In the last week Tesco have decided to increase their distribution charges by 3%. Morrisons are looking to extend their payment terms to 'invoice plus 90 days'.
  24. I'm Irish, never voted since I came to the UK, but I'll not only vote UKIP, I'll canvass for them!
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