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  1. Contrarian article by Liam Halligan (reasonably financially literate, more so than the usual dross) in the Telegraph. In summary, QE and other forms of economic warfare are going to land us all in the 'shi'ite'. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/liamhalligan/11472336/Currency-wars-threaten-Lehman-style-crisis.html Edit spelling
  2. We need eternal 2% inflation, because it stops our debts catching up with us. Of course if you have savings and no debt.... Fill your boots & leverage up! It's 'Gubbermint Policy, innit'.
  3. What pre-election jitters? GBP at a 7 year high against the Euro. FTSE back at 6900 plus. Everywhere you look there are asset bubbles. We've survived the Great Recession, we're the fastest growing economy in the known universe. Everyone & everything financial is 'bombproof'. What jitters?
  4. They always use the comparison of what other 'leaders' in business are paid. As a senior manager employed by a number of industry leading organisations, there has always been an 'exclusivity of service' clause in my employment contracts that precluded other forms of paid work. On one occasion I even had to negotiate an exemption to coach my boy's rugby team!
  5. Intervention will only lead to manipulation! Proper education, as opposed to learning about Princess Di & The Beckhams (my boy's year 2 syllabus on the '90's). Start with what money means (a medium of exchange for labour & goods). Then explain what debt is (a promise of future labour). Once they understand that in spending money, they are exchanging parts of their lives, they'll be a lot more circumspect in frittering it away.
  6. So my council taxes will underwrite houses for others, while I struggle for shelter...... If this naked clientelism is not fought by everyone, we will deserve everything we get as a result!
  7. No. BAE systems is the only remaining UK based arms manufacturer. Even they have been consolidating of late. Last UK factory capable of manufacturing tanks closed circa 2012 due to lack of orders. We can build ships, as long as you don't need planes to fly off them. For everything else, we'll be part of a long queue...... Edit typo
  8. Greece leaving will mean that at some level the Euro project has failed. That will get an automatic 2 thumbs down from the Eurocrats. Far better (in their eyes) that an entire people endure grinding austerity for generations to come. If you can't be a positive role model, I'll make you a horrible example......
  9. 90% LTV still available in Ireland. http://www.mortgages.ie/go/home/mortgage_rates
  10. Great news! The FT's circulation outside the square mile is........ It's not going t!ts up until it's on the front page of The Sun (your average EA won't learn of it otherwise).
  11. The crash is invisible is a more plausible tag-line. Although I'm not disagreeing with the OP, it would require a detailed search of MSM or specialist websites (HPC or EA Today) to realise it's happening. With reruns of LLL and happy clappy reactions to the Rightmove Fraud Index by the BBC, Joe Debt-Slave thinks it's all as safe as houses (of cards).
  12. Rightmove numbers reheated in a DT piece of 'analysis'. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/property/house-prices/11414643/House-asking-prices-rise-as-buy-to-let-blocks-up-supply.html
  13. Speechless...... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/buy-to-let/11407620/Whats-best-repaying-your-mortgage-vs-borrowing-even-more...-to-invest.html
  14. More about intergenerational theft than housing. On the front of the Torygraf website at the moment. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11406588/Want-my-vote-Build-houses-over-giving-rich-people-free-bus-passes.html
  15. For that area (North Essex Coastal), it is relatively good value. Unfortunately that particular village is as unpleasant as it gets around there (I know, Tower Hamlets it ain't). Passing the house regularly, it does appear occupied, lights on, cars outside etc which makes me discount the inheritance theory.
  16. Mid 40's at most. I live in adjoining village. It used to be horrendous, even by Tiptree standards (look at streetview to see how it was).
  17. The house in question was reduced from £440K. The occupants are too young to be 'empty nesters'. Can only think that affordability is spurring the attempted move. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31827444.html Are you seeing similar in your search areas? Is this evidence of affordability problems in the leafy South East?
  18. I'm happy to live with debt. Debt that I have chosen to take on having made a balanced risk/reward analysis. And if it goes wrong, I'll service that debt until it is paid. I have a major problem living with debt because a bunch of ******tards chose to live beyond their means. I have a major problem living with debt because a group of sociopaths chose to buy a client class to achieve political office. I have a major problem living with the debts of a generation(s) that went before because they pi$$ed the North Sea oil money away and beggared my generation, and my children's generation.
  19. The bast^rds are many things, but they aren't stupid. I would never underestimate their ability to find props to shore up the market, if it'll give them 5 more years at the trough. MIRAS for FTBs? HTB3?
  20. It says Telegraph at the top, I think that makes it garbage....
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