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  1. Is the smart money heading for the exit? If so, it suggests approx 18 months until the panic sets in....
  2. Syndicated from the FT, Martin Wolf's article resonates with many HPC themes such as the decline of per capita GDP, decline of manufacturing, 'Austerity Lite' etc. However buried in the text is the assertion (as I read it) that '07 prices weren't 'unsustainably high'. There is no reference to QE, near ZIRP, FLS & various forms of HTB. http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/martin-wolf-uk-recovery-conceals-dire-productivity-growth-1.2193277
  3. But they have been 'getting on with their lives'! They can't be unhappy, it's not like they are renter scum, is it?
  4. Not a mention of price correction. Purely a discussion about continuing to prop up prices.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/property/11555890/General-Election-2015-Who-will-mend-Britains-broken-housing-market.html
  5. Surely if you were Ed or Dave, you would look to cobble together support for a minority govt with a mish mash of Plaid, DUP, LibDems etc. Being dependent upon 1 major supporting party (SNP) would give them the 'whip hand'. A coalition of minor parties could be 'bought' relatively easily. If one of them walks out 'on principle', there'll be others out there to replace them.
  6. Spent the morning scouring the websites of the MSM. Not a mention of the LR report....... BTW plenty about the Rightmove report and some puff piece put out by Hamptons. Edit clarity
  7. I'm in Witham in Essex. Jihadi John could rock up, and as long as he was wearing a blue rosette, he would have a landslide. However, instead we have the dreadful, dreadful, Priti Patel......
  8. Well they're f**ked then! Making stuff is so last millennium! The 21st century is all about securitisation, monetisation, and the socialisation of losses......
  9. What could possibly go wrong? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/11522483/Risky-mortgages-are-back-on-the-rise.html 'Give a man a fire, you warm him for a day. Set him on fire and you keep him warm for the rest of his life'.
  10. It's syndicated from the NY Times. Maybe the UK meejia types aren't prepared to let the proles know that their political masters are playing them for fools!
  11. Anna White's DT spin on it - Renter Scum f**king it up for the rest of us..,, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/property/11518426/Renter-paranoia-blights-the-housing-market.html
  12. Like him or loathe him..,.. http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/political-payoff-from-short-term-bounces-damages-prospects-of-long-term-policies-1.2166539
  13. ***** Anecdotal Alert***** Moved from Dublin in '10. Family home underwater after the Irish crash, so rented out. Spent over 10K maintaining the place since. Now selling as most recent tenants have moved out and should recover 80k. My cheapskate LL has done the bare minimum since we moved in. Tiles & plaster falling off the walls. House now barely lettable IMHO. I'm prepared to lose my deposit and determined to do nothing to help the c**t. And he was reluctant to let to me because I was 'foreign'.
  14. Must be a shortage of horses, as beef prices are in decline the last 6 months......Just had to settle £700K with a major retailer because of deflation. Not coming to a supermarket shelf near you! http://www.eblex.org.uk/markets/deadweight-price-reports/deadweight-cattle-prices/
  15. Nothing to see here... People have been advertising in Polish & Urdu at community centres & ethnic stores for years now.
  16. Visiting Dublin today. At the petrol pumps near the airport (always extortionate), petrol was 1.38/litre. That's 99p in real money!
  17. A repeat of Blair's mistake? Almost be worth voting for them so we can watch them tear themselves apart.
  18. Unfortunately I can't provide a link, however in today's Daily Telegraph there's an article titled 'Renting your way to poverty: the future of housing'. Instead of the usual puff piece by the DT's in-house airheads (property correspondents), it's by Danny Dorling, apparently an Oxbridge Prof of 'Human Geography'. The article could be straight from the pages of HPC! Articles like these in the MSM makes me think that there might still be hope.......
  19. ANECDOTAL ALERT******************* I supply the retailers including JS. They are all 'reshaping' their businesses (throwing senior & expensive 'talent' overboard). Tesco relocating is a prime example. There will be a lot of previously very expensive retail execs looking for work in a severely contracting market.
  20. On HPC calling the 'shoe shine moment' has been as prolific and effective a contra indicator as the notorious 'black xxxday' threads. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/property/house-prices/11478240/The-UK-homes-earning-more-money-than-their-owners.html
  21. Posted about this one on a previous thread. Went on for £440K last Summer. Reduced to £425K. Eventually went SSTC last month, now 'unexpectedly available'. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31827444.html
  22. These 250K migrants a year don't seem to be embracing the middle class dream of a weekly shop at Sainsburys. Maybe increasing the NMW to £6.70 will make them more 'aspirational'.
  23. An 'independent judge-led enquiry' will take 2, maybe 3 years minimum to generate a report.........
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