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  1. 19 minutes ago, NuBrit said:

    I think the Conservative party will be able to trudge on just fine. The DUP on the other hand, minority coallition partners historically get smashed to bits the next time they go to the polls. Considering the high water mark the DUP are at, I think it's likely they will take a kicking next time

    NI doesn't have elections, they have tribal headcounts. The DUP will be fine because their vote won't go anywhere else, and if they abstain or spoil their ballot they will let the other tribe win.

  2. 1 hour ago, Grab_Some_Popcorn said:

    On a course at the SE council where I work yesterday. 10 participants aged 30 to 50. Discussion moved on to Tory manifesto, pensioners selling houses to pay for care... Etc. Trainer says "and you've seen what is happening in London? House prices fallen, rents coming down, and thats going to ripple out to the rest of SE."

    I smirked :) 

    Nobody replied but there were lots of confused faces. These are all drip drip drips of information that will change market sentiment. 

    Who here was running a course for a council yesterday? 'Fess up now!?

  3. My kids go to Explore Learning. In year 1 my son was in the lowest set for literacy and maths. Now in year 6 he is one of their 'bankers' for doing well in the SATs. Without some form of control sample, we can't tell whether the tuition helped. Most of the kids in the lowest set in y1 are still there.

    Both my daughters attend. They enjoy the informal learning culture, the absence of disruptive kids and they interact with their tutors like peers.

    Most of the tutors are students and the centre directors are recent graduates. The atmosphere is interactive and the kids are motivated by earning 'Lizard Cards' which can be traded in for rewards.

  4. 15 minutes ago, 24 year mortgage 8itch said:

    So are we saying this is real money then? No one has jumped in so far to say this is funded by public money. I am somewhat surprised that this will be a sustainable business model.


    The childcare voucher scheme allows some of the fees (approx £110 per child per month) be paid from pretax income. 

    A lot of the time it is about giving little Cressida or Orpheus a leg up against their classmates/peers/competitors. However the advantage is marginal compared to the headstart (educational & social) conferred by private education.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Richmond said:

    I was expecting parlement to resist the Brexit bill a lot more than they did (as I bet Gina did). They know the impact of not getting this stuff agreed - I fully expect them to pretty much just wave it through. Maybe the lords or those with agendas will try to amend each item, but they know what will happen if it fails. They all need to get Brexit behind them so they can enter the next election focused on their own policies.

    Though maybe arguing against every little item will ultimately bring down the government if things are not agreed so maybe there is incentive to do this for those not currently in power.

    Gina Miller was being interviewed on 5 Live this afternoon. She was suggesting that there might be another court case to force a parliamentary vote on whatever final deal emerges....

  6. 19 hours ago, btd1981 said:

    They're not so insane here in deepest, darkest Shropshire. But they regrettably seem to be picking up on the M6 corridor/Staffs.

    When living in the South East, could have bought a couple of years ago but I thought the increases would cease or reverse. If I do the same up here, and expect different results, is that not also an indication of insanity ;)

    Having recently moved to Bridgnorth I wouldn't agree with you......

  7. 2 hours ago, This time said:

    The last one on the list is wrong (as can be seen from the picture that comes with it). Sainsbury's actually increased the pack size of the taste the difference sausages from six large sausages or 12 chipolatas to eight large sausages or 16 chipolatas in a pack. I think they even made them cheaper per sausage - the 6/12 packs were £2.50 IIRC and the 8/16 packs are £3.

    Wholesale pork prices have crashed since the sanctions were placed on Russia, which had been a significant export market for European pork.

  8. A haulage firm that does a lot of work at the factory where I work has had £3.5k of diesel stolen from various trucks in the last fortnight. It hadn't happened for a while. Plod turns up, looks at the grainy CCTV footage and issues a crime number. The suggestion is that it has really picked up again since Christmas. Anyone else seeing or hearing about diesel theft?

  9. 2 hours ago, BuyToLeech said:

    Emphasis on the clearly bit.

    The government are a bunch of crooks, there's no mystery there. 

    What I don't understand - at all - is why the opposition (and the media) aren't beating the government over the head with this every single day. 

    It's absolutely perfect for the opposition. It makes the government look anti-British and unpatriotic (which, of course, they are), without having to mention immigration.  

    It works on the divide between liberal Tories and conservative tories, it'll sound good to the ex labour UKIPs, and it isn't particularly socialist - it's just common sense.



    The opposition won't complain because they want to be just as crooked when they are elected. There's only one difference between a 'journalist', and a solitary blogger - access. The journalists that reveal what's really going on will never get access again.

  10. 4 hours ago, Maynardgravy said:

    Tommy Robinson talks to P J Watson about Luton becoming 'the most desirable place to live' in the UK. Interesting POV from someone who actually lives there.

    Can't say i agree with everything these two represent but it's hard not to agree on this - from about 6 mins in.



    When Tommy Robinson has become the voice of reason, it can only demonstrate how deluded the mainstream commentariat has become.

  11. 31 minutes ago, Tempus said:

    The Daily Express ranks as Britain's' premier source of fake news these days, but this so-called surge they're playing up is simply more gains for the liberal elite remainers and globalists. I'm guessing they're too daft to realise.

    As a purveyor of news, it's a joke. The Express is simply the place where stories too ridiculous for the Daily Mail find their final resting place.

  12. 1 hour ago, Saving For a Space Ship said:

     Insurers paid out $50bn for 2016 natural disaster claims - worst since 2012

    Last year saw highest costs from natural disasters since 2012


    This is an indictment of modern educational standards. Back in 2012 there were similar levels of natural disasters. However with finely trained legal counsel, the insurers were able to limit compensation to a minimum. With today's younger generation glued to their smartphones the insurance industry were forced to pay more......

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