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  1. £300K overpriced and a hellish commute to anywhere with an appropriate salary.
  2. As discussed on HPC countless times before, Cable is adept at pointing out the problems when on the opposition side of the house.
  3. NI doesn't have elections, they have tribal headcounts. The DUP will be fine because their vote won't go anywhere else, and if they abstain or spoil their ballot they will let the other tribe win.
  4. There's a media purdah, which is what I was referring to, as opposed to the public service purdah.
  5. As far as I can tell, these things have no meaningful purpose. Yet every child wants at least 1. It's consumption for the sake of consumption, and yes, that probably has a significant role in propping up today's economy.
  6. When does the pre election media blackout begin? Were I cynical, I'd describe it as a last minute opportunity to shape the debate before purdah begins?
  7. Who here was running a course for a council yesterday? 'Fess up now!?
  8. My kids go to Explore Learning. In year 1 my son was in the lowest set for literacy and maths. Now in year 6 he is one of their 'bankers' for doing well in the SATs. Without some form of control sample, we can't tell whether the tuition helped. Most of the kids in the lowest set in y1 are still there. Both my daughters attend. They enjoy the informal learning culture, the absence of disruptive kids and they interact with their tutors like peers. Most of the tutors are students and the centre directors are recent graduates. The atmosphere is interactive and the kids are motivated by earning 'Lizard Cards' which can be traded in for rewards.
  9. The childcare voucher scheme allows some of the fees (approx £110 per child per month) be paid from pretax income. A lot of the time it is about giving little Cressida or Orpheus a leg up against their classmates/peers/competitors. However the advantage is marginal compared to the headstart (educational & social) conferred by private education.
  10. It's not like we have a Canadian in a senior independent role that could deliver some of these changes......
  11. Apart from the feature on towel folding, what exactly will he contribute?
  12. Punch the postcode into houseprices.io, and you can see when it was first sold.
  13. Gina Miller was being interviewed on 5 Live this afternoon. She was suggesting that there might be another court case to force a parliamentary vote on whatever final deal emerges....
  14. I assume the market is 'pausing for breath' before surging again this Summer?
  15. Having recently moved to Bridgnorth I wouldn't agree with you......
  16. Wholesale pork prices have crashed since the sanctions were placed on Russia, which had been a significant export market for European pork.
  17. A haulage firm that does a lot of work at the factory where I work has had £3.5k of diesel stolen from various trucks in the last fortnight. It hadn't happened for a while. Plod turns up, looks at the grainy CCTV footage and issues a crime number. The suggestion is that it has really picked up again since Christmas. Anyone else seeing or hearing about diesel theft?
  18. Wait until you realise what a c¥nt Brown turned out to be.... #yesterday'sman
  19. The opposition won't complain because they want to be just as crooked when they are elected. There's only one difference between a 'journalist', and a solitary blogger - access. The journalists that reveal what's really going on will never get access again.
  20. When Tommy Robinson has become the voice of reason, it can only demonstrate how deluded the mainstream commentariat has become.
  21. As a purveyor of news, it's a joke. The Express is simply the place where stories too ridiculous for the Daily Mail find their final resting place.
  22. This is an indictment of modern educational standards. Back in 2012 there were similar levels of natural disasters. However with finely trained legal counsel, the insurers were able to limit compensation to a minimum. With today's younger generation glued to their smartphones the insurance industry were forced to pay more......
  23. The fact that it's a lead story is telling. Not much likely to happen to shift it from the front for a while. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/01/02/fears-massive-global-property-price-crash-amid-dangerous-conditions/
  24. An interesting development in the area of out of hours working. Unfortunately I can't see it coming here in any but the most enlightened employers. It will be interesting if they ascribe any economic cost to this change. http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/french-workers-win-right-to-stop-checking-email-out-of-hours-1.2922504
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