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  1. What people who live in the south of the U.K in manufacturing are paid I would guess northern U.K these figures could be up to 30% lower. Unskilled worker 10k to 18k for a 40 hour week Skilled worker 14k to 25k for a 40 hour week Supervisors 16k to 30k for no overtime 40 to 50 hours Anything above that requires a senior position or working over time which these day's is almost none existent. So if you are earning 44k compared to Mr or Mrs average you are well paid.
  2. It is the currency risk that puts people off moving their money and after what happened to savers who put money into the Icelandic banks I do not blame them. Let suppose you move £100k to an Australia bank at exchange rate of $1.7 to the pound. You now have $170k with the prospect of earning good interest What if 3 or 9 months time china slows down dramatically affecting Australia and the exchange rate goes back to say $2.0 to the pound. (2.4 is unlikely but not impossible with the level of debt the U.K has). Now $170k divide by 2 is equal to £85k a loss of £15k Or $170k divide by 2.4 equal to £71k a loss of £29k If the exchange rate was closer to the normal range $2.2 – $2.6 then I would consider moving money into the Australian dollar. Also you would need to be an Australian resident or have an Australian work visas. disclamer This is just my opinion. Do your own research before investing your hard earned money.
  3. I know a one couple who emigrated in 2007 and purchased a property and they are really beginning to struggle financially and that is with 2 wages! I took one look at property in Western Australia it was obvious to me property is well over priced and have been since 2007. The best time to arrive in Western Australia was probably before 2003 property prices have more than doubled since then. so unless of course you have a guaranteed skilled job in the mines Western Australia is now too expensive a place to own property as a first time buyer
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