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  1. A development of "luxury executive 2-bedroom apartments"each with one allocated parking space yet marketed to "young professional COUPLES" who by definition come with 2 cars each is a recipe for disaster.
  2. My mortgage is with BoI - the classic type that [i assume] was CDO'd off. I recently got a letter saying that my mortgage was being transferred to a new subsidiary based in London. I know it's wishful thinking, and potentiall none of my business, but at what point do I start having to ask the question with regards to whether there is still any trace of the original buyer of the CDO into which my mortgage was packaged - and if there isn't; what right does the bank have to continue collection?
  3. "seem" is very significant in that context. Employing people should not seem to be complicated - but it does seem to be complicated, ergo less companies willing to create employment. Perhaps it's a communications issue.
  4. I think your comment sums up the problem. Employment law is so convoluted that potential employers are simply thinking "sod it", rather than creating employment.
  5. I remember thinking last time I used a Pay@Pump they're going to have to start raising the £60 pre-auth limit sometime soon!
  6. So the house is at risk of flood then. Like I said, railings are bad news whatever they're there for.
  7. beep beep beep every 5 minutes. You don't want to live next to railings like that whatever they're there for.
  8. Wow. Look at the default picture - railings along the road to the left - which indicates a path immediately adjacent to the property. I'd see those and wouldn't even follow up with an attempt to find the property on Street View and see what was actually there - railings like that are never a good sign.
  9. Just make sure you use it before the notes get withdrawn; otherwise you'll have to change them back as slowly as you acquired them
  10. As draconian as it sounds if you catastrophise where all this is going, I actually quite like the idea, but would prefer it to be implemented as "half way house", where your taxed account isn't with HMRC but with a special type of current account (think of it as the opposite of an ISA). Basically, a "taxed deposit" account. If that would mean that I could employ people, and paying them was almost as simple as transferring money to their "taxed deposit" account, without any need for accountants, PAYE and NI returns then I think a lot more employment could actually be created as a result of ta
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