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  1. LOL you say that now, but what happens is over time you'll find more of your pension ends up pushed towards the sector over the 10s of years until you get your payout. This is so the people that run the pension can swap their money invested in commercial property for your money invested in commercial property so they make out like bandits leaving you holding the screaming baby. So it might be a tiny fraction right now, but in 10 years expect it to be a more significant chunk. Only so much money can chase the performing sectors, the world is awash with plenty of money looking for return, pension are so vast and so slow moving they won't get first dibs.
  2. But you're meant to scan the bar code on the table, download the app, setup the credit card and order everything via the app. You are still expected to tip the service for not breathing into your food. Anyone noticed any pricing / app / website glitches causing you to pay more, such as paying extra for a dash of mixer when ordering a standard measure, when the price is usually included. Still going out this weekend to eat out should be nice and quiet for example today Thurs has been completely dead of people movements around englands 2nd city centre.
  3. Hmmm... I was reading in Feb how nCov-SARS-2 affected different genomes differently, part of the reasoning given at the time was due to generic differences converning ACE2 receptors. There is also more recent talk how different blood types are affected differently. No idea what is hypothesis, scientifically accepted truth, propaganda or fake news. I just can't tell from here. However we may find in the full course of time that due to the UKs long history with the commonwealth and its ethnic diversity that the reason the UK has done worse is due to the generic makeup of the inhabitants and the weather climate (if seasonality / UV is also found to be a major factor). However right now with BLM such a claim is not even being cited as a possible avenue of investigation by the MSM. There are also the claims on it being man made due to at least 2 RNA gene sequence elements being simultaneously being found in the nCov-SARS-2 virus itself that due to both being present rule out the random mutation theory and due to being what properties/gain they cause the virus to possess are in the realm of biowarfare. The US was very quick to categoriclly shutdown that thought early on, but am reading articles stating more virus labs around the world are claiming to agree with the original outline. Again I can't confirm what is hypothesis, scientifically accepted trush, propaganda or fake news from here. YMMV
  4. Ah but is that because they look at the 2/3/4/5 year time period, the pricing change climate and their computer says you have enough equity and an increasing asset value over the previous years time period to cover the remortgage so they do not require a new survey. But what happens in the OP scenario ? Computer now says there might not be enough equity by the owner to cover the risk, so they could well start asking for a new survey, or 85k (50k+35k new deposit for 90% LTV) to cover LTV, because at the end of the day their risk is based on the resale value of the undelying asset. I think the OP has good reason to be concerned if their intention is to get remortgage at the end of the fix. Also 5y is a long time now to think the remortgage market will be the same as it is today (or has been in the recent past) in 5y in the future. Really ask yourself if you can afford SVR at that time, keeping hold of someting is better than loosing it all (including your deposit+equity) 5y later in what maybe still a falling market that the OP is describing. However like another poster said, the original mortgage they agreed for 25y remains for 25y as long as you keep up those repayments, which at the end of the fix we assume will go onto SVR. Can you afford the SVR ? IR maybe still low in 3y but will they still be low in 5y, 7y, 10y ? Some theorys say that will not be possible as inflation is needed to get out of the world situation now and stay in the same monetry system.
  5. So toilet paper shortage due to hoarding but also the change of behavior, we no longer go for a sh** at work using commercial toilet paper, are spending all time at home, so use more at home, maybe 40% more and consumer retail product papermills can't just turn up production of +40% in weeks. But the eggs where are they? do they have medical uses ? as I assume commercial food places use loads and they are all shutdown. So why are they not overflowing on the shelves at the supermarkets?
  6. Not completely true. Re: how rented/OO absolute numbers changes the rented market. Has it not been proven here on this forum that the average number of people per rented dwelling is somewhat less than per OO dwelling. More likely to be nearer 1 for rented, and more likely to be nearer 2 for OO. So as a renter buys and becomes an OO the rental market gets tighter because of this aspect. As maybe 2 renters now leave the market because it only takes one OO to house them both. Much like mortgage transaction volumes are low, so as absolute rental demand gets lower, this must mean longer voids as per head of demand there is now more choice.
  7. Yes of course the seller will try. But... the current problem is lack of ability of buyer to finance at current prices, due to limits imposed by the buyers position and regulation and the banks forecasting lower HPI to offset risk. So this will mean even fewer transactions for a while, sellers who don't need to sell putting off that plan and delisting, when a period of price feedback until EA informs those needing to sell of the new price points, which maybe lower than they were to start with. Still the seller pays less SD the cheaper the sale right ? And the seller gets a pile of cash out of it still or the seller closes their debt position. The real losers are those with more than 1 property who might also have finance issues over their portfolio, might have CG to pay, who might ultimately be selling at a net loss, but that is part of the design ?
  8. No they don't, someone list of all the big name high street brands either lost over the past few years or needing major restructuring / financing or a new owner.
  9. The question is, if they were to drop the price by 1.5 million and have no equity, but dispose of the liability, would that be possible ? If not dare we suggest they are technically insolvent ? And that is the real issue the world now. Everyone has pumped so much wind up each others asses there are not enough believers with access to enough cash left to profit. So there is not too many profit taking quick fixes now, if you haaaaaaang onto it for loooooooong enough and keep up those monthly repayment you'll be alright. The problem is when that wasn't in the original profit making plan. How many are going to take their BTL empire to their graves and IHT kick in and eat it. Demand is always a function of the price (against the buyers perceived value). Believe me the demand for 250k properties in London of this size, location and quality is VERY HIGH indeed.
  10. You do go on to explain "capital" as being depreciation. So you kind of get it but started off on the wrong foot. Capital can depreciate, but capital is not depreciation. The vehicle is what is being loaned, not the money (for the vehicle). The vehicle is owned by the finance company. So there is no "capital" involved for the loanee as there is no transferred equity, everything the loanee pays can be called "finance cost". A PCP is constructed around the notion of managed depreciation, in that the contract provides for a guaranteed minimum price for the vehicle at the end of the payment commitment period. So the loanee has managed part of his depreciation risk, he has a guaranteed upper limit of depreciation at the set point in time. No matter what the 2nd hand car market does, nor if it becomes morally wrong to drive a diesel over the loan term. So somewhere there is a risk premium as well wrapped into those payments to cover when the finance company gets it wrong. This is one of the reasons that midrange car companies have not done as well when PCPs took off, because the premium car brand depreciate less, the financing of that difference is spread / amortized over all the months, so the resulting monthly payment isn't much different for a midrange brand than a premium brand, so people choose the premium badge. They are no longer having to find many 1000s to get started with a premium badge as with before PCPs existed.
  11. And yet they will still get a great deal. Have you seen the quality of those places over there ? Just levy a tax for every year of ownership is held by a non-UK, this should include entities where it is established the controlling interest / shareholders / beneficiaries can not be proven to be 50+% UK citizens.
  12. www.1pmobile.com ? On the EE network like Virgin, w/ EU roaming. If you are a yearly average low data user. 2.50/month avg min topup, but they say no timelimit on standard topups (only boltons). Can still then get 30day 1Gb £6 bolton when you needs a chunk of data. But maybe the 250Mb per month which will use that 2.50 credit you would keep accumulating anyway. Looks a good deal if you have a tablet that hardly leaves a Wifi zone and want to holiday once a year, but don't want contract commitment and get a no timelimit rollover.
  13. How do you get that statistic "50%" from that graph. I would make an estimate that a maximum of 14% of those over 56 own a second property based on looking at that graph. This being approximately the half way point in the graph, that shows a somewhat even spread line across the age ranges. Now as I understand it there will be more people that are aged 56 to 60 than 88 to 92 due to death %. This does not account for any peak to baby boomer population. What it does not do it show 50% in anyway, that would be better reflected by a straight line at 50% on the graph for all ages. Now a lot of those over 56 will also be in a relationship, as it was custom to stay together forever, so does it count the same second property twice or once in such circumstances ?
  14. Yes and then various groups can be offered a discount/reduction in tax based on new political will at the ballot box. The problem is that no framework exists yet to exercise that democratic power. None of us have the answers to how that will reshape civilization and the talk in this thread of a cut-over replacement would be ludicrous. Lets start with the framework in place and a 0.01% tax in a timeframe. Then lets have the wider discussion and experimentation on what happens as it is slowly adjusted each year, until ultimately other taxation is also reviewed and decreased. For example hoarders of land (having land area X quality in excess of what a person needs to survive) would be hit hardest. OO whose only land is the freehold area of their single property for the purpose of raising a family unit and survival in order to create a society that land hoarders can retain ownership of their land in peace with taxes. I don't have a problem with IHT, that is for millennia man has passed his useful trappings to his offspring (or nominated tribe) in the wake of his death, this has been a rite throughout civilizations. The amount that can be reasonably passed (tax free), it is the rest of it that should be looked at. The transfer of wealth by other means to escape IHT during the lifetime and in death of the relations.
  15. Why NEW ? ALL landlords surely. Yearly LVT for all. With discounts given to OO and commercial entities paying significant enough other taxation (such as corp tax) in respect of their asset base and turnover. The amount of discount and to whom should be a new political subject.
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