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  1. Even with all the negative stories the past few months the markets are holding up incredibly well. The FTSE in particular has had a strong recovery since the stories of double dip and house prices faltering. If the Tory cuts do not have the desired effect, well at least from this forums point of view then you may all forget about the price of houses crashing for another 3-5 years when the next disaster happens (or when they in power mess up again) I do however think that the cuts in scotland will have an impact on the economy but to what scale, well nobody knows.Will it knock 10-20% off the price of houses ? Highly unlikely, it is likely that over the year things will broadly have remained flat which lets face is not such a bad position to be in coming off the back of a recession and all the talk of double dip and bad jobs data from here and abroad. So this winter is the key time with all the ingredients there to push the economy back into recession but if not then its back to talk of rising house prices and how smug we all feel to be on the ladder to the stratosphere and beyond.
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