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  1. Thanks again gadget I'm generally disinclined to take risks with 'telling the truth' (I float somewhere between innate personal honesty, laziness, and cowardice).
  2. Thanks gadget That's useful, (as a Which member myself, I should have picked on it before).
  3. Thanks ChumpusRex We kind of suspected that that would be the answer - but also thought it was worth asking!
  4. I and my wife are about to become landlords. Following an illness, we decided to buy a smaller house, and part-funded the purchase by a re-mortgage of house One. We have since failed to sell house One (over two years) and have now decided to let it. House One (previously un-mortgaged) is owned jointly by us. The re-mortgage is thus in both our names. Now for the Tax question. I am a tax-payer. My wife's income is well below the (pensioner) tax threshhold. Can we make the rental agreement in my wife's name solely? i.e.so that the Rental Income is paid to her, and the Expenses, expected to be
  5. Thanks doccyboy I do look at the Irish House Hunter topic when you post it weekly - generally, as a "seller" - to my dismay!
  6. Hi Lagansider You have given a very interesting description of selling "tactics" which should help me to get that darn house "shifted". I lived in England for many years and my property transactions took place in "honeypot" times so what has happened here has been a bit like a cold shower. (No complaints about NI itself, I love living here). As I said, I followed the reasoning in your post well - but have one question. I know most of the acronyms on HPC and have seen TDGTTS before but never managed to work out what it means! Thanks (in anticipation!)
  7. Hi Number79 Your post concurs with most of the others here. Perhaps your key point (for me) is that of getting the price right to begin with. It seems that I have been... um... "headbanging" on the wrong price so far. Thank you
  8. Phew! - how can you compose and type-up so quickly! (and thank you for your good wishes). I also think things will get much worse - Greece, ROI , Portugal and then, perhaps, the biggie - Spain. I have a history of calling the last 5 Global Disasters which never happened (Millenium Bug.....etc., etc., ) but did not see this present one - which has affected me at the "wrong" time ! It has become clearer, from this Board topic and elsewhere, that "getting on with life" is what is important. I am not sentimental about the (sale) house and am prepared to do what is necessary to shift it. So, whi
  9. Thanks for your very full reply Realistic I seem to have moved far from the original thrust of the topic - but have learned a great deal along the way! The old mantra of "Location, location, location" has now been superceded by "Price, price, price". I shall try to incorporate all the learnings I have received from the great contributors on here in dealings with my current EA and, if necessary, other EAs whom I may choose to contact.
  10. Yes, I am sure that you correct, and I know now that I must reduce my expectations.
  11. Hi 2buyornot2buy See post 23 above.
  12. Hi Shotoflight Thanks for your interesting post. As I may have mentioned before on the Board, I am a "blow-in (is that term still used?) of about 6 years vintage. I came over to NI for "legitimate" reasons (family/marital connections, prospective "peaceful retirement" etc.) but appear not to have "done my own research" on the local property market, properly. No doubt doccyboy, yourself and others on HPC NI saw the crash here coming (but, surely, not the severity) - but I in was in semi-blissfull ignorance. However, I am confident that the work done on my house was "well-done" (but agree tha
  13. Hi Stainless Sam Sorry for the delay in response - there were so many posts flooding in! All agree that "realistic pricing" is the way forward. I like the idea of "fixed pricing" and may ask around local EA's to establish which (if any) of them operate this non-traditional method. Other posters on the topic might give me their opinion/knowledge-of "fixed pricing".
  14. Hi lolacarrascal There are a lot of wise words (and good arithmetic) in your post - as all other posters seem to agree, sale-price reduction seems to be the answer. I will screw up my resolution and go-see the EA.
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