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  1. Why when every time you buy TV receiver of any kind you have to fill n your house address details that anyone taking out a BTL mortgage do not automatically receive a demand from HMRC for a completed tax return. I'm sure HMRC could devise a suitable penalty for non completion of each return. From memory I seem to recall that in 60/70 we were repeatedly advised that any building society/ bank savings interest was taxable and that HMRC received details for all savings institutions for each indiviual account. Must been before savings were taxed at source but with savers far outnumbering BTLers m
  2. Not sure how accurate this figures are from Rightmove, area I'm looking to buy a house a lot more properties coming onto market each day. If run new to market for last 14 days gives a total of 37., 367 on market at end of January so would be at least 404 on market less sales for month. Current total on market is 335 so would seem to indicate so far in Feb are 69. But if look at no sales this averages 20 per month for 6 months to Oct 2010. Looks to me as if no on market is correct at end of month but new to market no is overstated -this could be because a lot of houses that have been on marke
  3. Un******ingbelievable. should have just kept churning kids out one @ 50 then another @60 then would have been paid 10times sky package cost with child benefit- just no idea about financial planning these oldies
  4. Just use http://www.home.co.uk/search/property.htm Works with all browsers as far as I know as price changes and time on market included as part of website Ken
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