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  1. We have a lot of things warned about on here and only about half of them happen. We don't have a good hit rate.
  2. It shouldn't matter because the factors that influence the AAA rating should influence the markets anyway as all information is known to both parties (I presume). However because the rating is seen to matter, and is seen to be seen to matter, then it matters.
  3. All those factors were known prior to today so I hope you took advantage of seeing such a great opportunity.
  4. Could it alternatively be the dovish comments from the BoE when after the upwards revision to growth they should really have been talking about raising rates sooner. Perhaps interest rates will drop on Thursday even lower? More QE, hints of negative rates perhaps. How the markets figure this shit out before House Price Crash.co.uk I do not know
  5. They didn't show any currency data AFAI could tell. First time I've seen that missed on Working Lunch.
  6. Interesting to see if Fat Boy Curry will studiously avoid it at 12:30.
  7. Comparing like with like? If so can we see a chart please
  8. It can, it just needs to be given the chance.
  9. HPCers should get ogether and front them up, but no the keytboard jockeys will stay in their comfy armchairs.
  10. I'd be on betfair if I could find a market for it. As usual though assume a 0.1% margin of error
  11. Golden opportunity to do a Thatcher and get 10 more years in power. No war please!
  12. If it's so inefficient why doesn't the market arbitrage against it? Gas can't aircon in summer either.
  13. I very nearly walked into a Post Office today to change £1k into Euros before realising they took a 5% cut. Might be worth it tomorrow though. There is such a market out there for a financial intermediary to transfer between currencies at market rates.
  14. Just heard from a "source" -0.2% Labour strategists busy spinning as we speak March election cancelled.
  15. Not quite as inefficient as ploughing billions into useless windfarms that don't generate power when we most need it.
  16. I'm an oil industry shill, you should visit the off-topic forum more often
  17. Graduated in 2004, got a job three months later and been at the same company ever since with one promotion. Started on £16.5k and it wasn't a "graduate job" but I reasoned it might take me a month to get a better offer and that would be £1k down the drain in opportuntiy cost. Now on £30k+ which is OK for me in a northern town as I have built up over a year's salary savings which is enough to relax and not worry about pissing off the boss etc. Elder brother graduated in 2001, got made redundant recently with a decent payoff, but found a job straight after so better off for it. Male cousin graduated 2007, straight into a job, not sure how he's getting on. Female cousin graduated 2009, decided to stick around in uni but seems now to be coasting but has a lot of money behind her due to inheritance so I'#m not sure if she'll get anywhere in the next few years but doesn't need to anyway. Probably end up sponging of some richer bloke if she's lucky and loses some weight.
  18. It had better send us back into recession, I've already updated my facebook
  19. Absolute nonsense thread by another poster obsessed with stupid energy shortage predictions. We've seen thes come and go for years and when was the last widespread blackout? 1987 due to natural and not economic factors. Idiot.
  20. Invest in memories or loads of bottles of your favourite liquor. Everything else will get lost.
  21. I don't think so. But the margin of error is 0.1% anyway isn't it, so we wouldn't know either way.
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