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  1. But you can be happy working as ASDA or Tesco. Personally I'd make it a social event to make it bearable, chat with a lot of the customers, ask them how they're doing, in that it'd be like going to the pub and chatting. Being stuck in a boiling office with the same twenty faces might seem a lot less interesting by comparison. It's about how you look at it I suppose.
  2. The best way to find a sheeple seems to be to come out with something that is sensible but runs against the popular meme.. They don't know what to say.
  3. Nail on head. Steve Cook is part of the group on here obsessed with oil, of course we find that the predictions of doom that his ilk come out with are always proved wrong, but then repeated a year or two later. They refuse to learn from history, I suspect a VI.
  4. Why is that the case? Surely the only way that can happen if people are set to work doing things that don't increase wealth.. I don't see half the world unemployed at the moment, quite the opposite.
  5. I haven't a clue what that gives after tax - £10k? £14k? £18k with credits? £14k wouldn't get you far in Leeds, I'm clearing £7.2k a year on rent. If I didn't do shift work I'd probably go for a student bolt hole somewhere but £14k is not a decent wage up here when the average house is £150k.
  6. But their choices show that also they inwardly play the sheeple game. One of my main drinking buddies has just spent £75k on a place in Armley, when he told me he'd done this he mentioned it sheepishly as he knew my thoughts on the subject, as if he expected a bollocking . However like you say, you play the sheeple game and say well done etc etc, when are you having the BBQ?
  7. I've got a feeling we'll have some kind of weird deflation thing (courtesy of the Asians) which will instigate QE which will pay off our debt. I may be wrong.
  8. Michael Moore ? We'll be having the AGW idiots lauded on here next.
  9. Contact your your mp http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/ and let them know how you feel about Mervyn's dereliction of duty. I've contacted mine, and David Laws. Here's what I said, I've deleted a letter in each paragraph in case they have the googlebots running on it, you know what they're like, so don't copy it
  10. Does he even undersrtand the UK? His fat face says to me he knows nothing about our country. I find his arguments very poor and incredibly naive. He still thinks we have deflation coming ffs.
  11. No. Whenever I've emailed important people previously, they've not responded. Blanchflower of course is a gent.
  12. I've unfortunately been involved in an email tete a tete with Blanchflower the last few hours. He is supremely confident that we are headed towards deflation.
  13. Blanchflower is a ******ing idiot. He still thinks we're aiming for deflation. What a clown. We're clearly going to be printing way before then. Still. He's in America so he doesn't need to give a shit.
  14. I have an email response from him to an email I sent him. PM me if you want to see it. They want 10 years of 5% inflation.
  15. Idiot. [email protected] I find it horrendous how supposedly educated people can think we have to face deflation when all the evidence is pointing the opposite way. No link as just on BBC news. Blanchflower has always been supportive of inflationary policies. Meanwhile he works in the US. Presumably he has an index-linked pension to rely upon just like the BoE apparatchiks who also have been lying about deflation on the way.
  16. Exactly.. I'm currently tending to give them the benefit of the doubt for the lack of clarity due to the translation issues - but they are probably happy to hide behind that anyway until they get another 12 hours to flesh things out. A lot of questions still remain. Stocks/Euro have bounced after this, but then again these announcements tend to have that effect. If the proposals are fleshed out and still sound credible it would surprise me. If the ECB come out and contravene anything that was said in the meeting which is a possibility this could be a bit of a fiasco. The 24hr news channels cut away too quickly from the Q&A for my liking, it's not like there's anything else happening this time of night.
  17. http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/05/09/224491/wolfpack-watch/
  18. Probably because there is no printing being alluded to (unless I've missed something). The chance of printing up had been factored in and now being unwound. Portugal and Spain yields are probably the best place to look for trouble as $60bn is not enough, and would only drag down others anyway. They have to print or its bankruptcy.
  19. What is it they are trying to do? Defend the currency or defend the states with massive deficits? I don't see a legitimate way of doing both in the next 4hours 45 minutes.
  20. What time do we think it'll be due? Glad I'm on night shift tonight, I think it'll be an interesting one when the Asian markets open..
  21. Lots of supply to come on when price hits certain levels, this is an absolute irrelevance. Some people's obsession with oil on this forum gets quite boring.
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