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  1. Hould have seen Danny boy on BBC News around 16:40, he was saying this £6bn rationalisation will send us back into recession Multiply it by 10 and I'd hope he could be right.
  2. To counteract a greater than 25% decrease in money velocity?
  3. Why try to deduce a sensible alternative when the taxpayer can take the strain?
  4. Sounds like a good mother. The behaviour the state incentivises :angry:
  5. It also alludes to denial of addiction problems, it's certainly a tainted word that would not be used in a thread title by someone wanting a sensible scientific discussion. Why hasn't this been put in the OT?
  6. Maybe she should have thought how she was going to support the two of them before getting pregnant by a father who wouldn't stick around. As usual it's society that pay the costs of her irresponsibility.
  7. The climate always changes so we are exposed to that anyway, though I think you are being needlessly alarmist again.
  8. Yes, that is a very good point. They give this away by talking about "stopping climate change" when they really mean CO2-driven climate change, all the while forgetting that climate always changes and rarely is disastrous. Just different. Fluffy, etc - what in your view is the ideal temperature of the globe? Pick a period in the 20th century if you'd like.
  9. The ice-core charts show that it is temperature that drives CO2 changes. CO2 doesn't seem to cause any temperature change.
  10. Exactly, they can't predict the weather 5 days ahead yet seem to think they can predict it 100 years in the future. It's madness.
  11. No, it's all based on models. A HPC regular like yourself should be aware of the weaknesses of computer models. Maybe not.
  12. Barely 6 months since Climategate showed the outright scientific fraud at the heart of climate science, and we get articles like this. A number of "scientific" magazines are slowly trashing their reputations by agreeing the AGW con.
  13. Deflation will lead to printing money will lead to inflation. They won't let deflation kick in. The next question is how the QE is dished out - when will be the first party to request it isn't used to finance or monetise government debt, but instead handed out as a citizen's wage?
  14. It's a shame for all your efforts Injin you can't seem to stop the cycle.
  15. Has anyone emailed the advancedcommunications guy?
  16. That smiley just cracked me up. I shouldn't laugh.
  17. Not sure. I think the overall wealth creation of a HPCer is above average and he can turn his hand to a cheaper trade if needed. We're no Lesbian Outreach Co-ordinators on here.
  18. I think it was all about whether Merkel could swallow a Mercedez Benz.
  19. Some people on here probably know their jobs are safe and if theirs go then the whole house of cards is gone. And then they have their beans..
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