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  1. We'll only get rolling blackouts if your sort get control of energy policy.
  2. The more the rise affects how much people spend, the more the producer will have to bear some of the cost.
  3. Who's going to be the first one to catch someone say the VAT rise is hideous, but who had also defended the policy of printing money?
  4. Perhaps we need to build lots more windfarms, just so we can pay them to turn off when the wind is blowing. Yes, this happens. Sheer lunacy. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/06/20/firms-paid-to-shut-down-wind-farms-when-the-wind-is-blowing/
  5. I think they don't really care so long as they have their gigs, their weekend drinking, the football. I think those who will end up most angry will be the baby-boomers when they'll be sitting in a £400k house but with no grandchildren to visit it, the social changes their generation led to means their family has come to the end of the line.
  6. Well the answer is that the huge majority individual foods can not be categorised as healthy or unhealthy, it is the diet as a whole that is healthy or unhealthy.
  7. Define unhealthy foods, who gets to decide? I think we'll see massive tax increases on alcohol. Get your stockpiles in
  8. So it's better to have 20 people digging a hole with bare hands than 1 person digging it with machinery?
  9. Yes because he has created something someone else values - more leisure time.
  10. What? The no-feedback temperature response to a CO2 doubling is actually just 1c. The latest evidence suggests feedbacks are net negative, meaning that the likely response is even less than that.
  11. Could it be Canadian interest rates going up, the markets think we're next? Could be wrong, only just woken up..
  12. They are attempting this zero-CO2 electricity capacity with wind power and it isn't working out very well. When we had an extreme system shortage over the weekend due to the high temperatures and associated aircon demand, guess how little wind there was? It does not make sense to build a power system that is anti-correlated with demand, unless of course you like to see energy poverty and widespread de-industrialisation. Well that would suit the eco weenies just fine I presume.
  13. Panic over! MARKET DATA - 12:20 UK FTSE 100 4941.31down -128.30 -2.53% Dax 5660.41down -145.27 -2.50% Cac 40 3322.22down -108.71 -3.17%
  14. $30 oil for a year or two could be just what we need.
  15. Nonsense. Anthony Watts co-ordinated the data, so in the true scientific method he should get the first right to use it. Instead the above paper was done as a hatchet job while Watts was focussing on the Climategate scandal. Let's wait for Watts paper, who has precedence to use the data as it was his project, rather than the above paper which is a pre-emptive CYA attempt as they doubt the integrity of the surface stations used to assess temperature.
  16. Stop drinking wine and start drinking real ale to help our brewers British beer has never been better.
  17. MARKET DATA - 10:50 UK FTSE 100 4928.38down -141.23 -2.79% Dax 5639.13down -166.55 -2.87% Cac 40 3316.19down -114.74 -3.34%
  18. These clowns must have a VI because they can always print. They know they can print. We know they can print. They know that we know they can print. They just know that we know that the idiots out there don't know what printing is, nor do the Danny Blanchflower's, or anyone that matters. In other words, we're right, but who gives a shit? So long as the majority and Dickhead Blanchflower's don't agree, they can do whatever the hell they like. One day they'll find so can we.
  19. The article was not set out to assess honestly the climate debate. Man made climate change is a guaranteed - our effect on monitored temperatures is well known and accounted for at www.surfacestations.org - a lot of the change in global temperatures is because thermometers have been relocated to near airports, large city centres, and BBQs. See the pictures at that site. Independent rural stations do not show global warming. The warmists refuse to acknowledge this.
  20. You know what you should do? You're probably going to win this bet, so go and hedge it by buying a place in Middlesbrough.
  21. But then how is she supposed to eat? Didn't the state think of this before she got pregnant?
  22. Or maybe they're just trying to sell newspapers. (And finding their readership declining due to a lack of scientific rigour.)
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