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  1. The projections given rest on the assumption of economic growth carrying on at the same rate as it has done for the last century or two. It won't, though, because it can't. In fact there is going to be massive economic contraction. That being the case, we are probably looking at the peak of the human population right now or there abouts. From this point in human history going forwards, the population is set to decline. Steadily if we are lucky. However, it's perfectly possible that there will be a precipitous die-off in the coming 5 decades such that by the end of them we could be looking at a population less than half what it is now.

    Apocalyptic nonsense, we'll hit 10bn before we're down to 5bn. We are in a wonderful era of surplus.

  2. Whilst no one knows what the wind speed will be like in 3 weeks time it is quite predictablein the short term. True any this is why you need a decent standard installed base.

    660MW Units are designed for two modes Base Load this is there most efficient working level and tend to only work at this load

    And the other type is peak load or response load to ramp up for demand. This is what you refer to. The Power companys are insetivied to use this in trading slots (Pays Really well so the fuel equation is not important).

    I you ran Drax and the traders rang you up ever hour to change the load you would know the thermal and physical stresses will reduce your unit in service period, you would not be amussed.

    GTs and hydros (less so) are generally used to flex as they are better designed for this.

    My point is if there is a large pressure zone smack over the UK there is little wind and there for the old school of big units do all the work.

    Dont get me wron wind is part of the future just not the whole future. We have to have a diverse mix

    Doesn't Denmark have 20% installed wind capacity, and it has not managed to reduce its fossil fuel burn one bit? :rolleyes:

    Wind power output is anti-correlated with demand, and that is about as appalling an energy source that you can get. (Peak demand days - very hot and very cold days only arrive at times of low wind.)

  3. If I could just point out, global warming is happening and sea levels are rising. These are measurable things.

    If I could also just point out, London, the political and financial HQ of the UK, where almost all the rich and influential live and work, is mostly flat and very much at sea level. Does anyone really think this isn't having an effect on policymaking?

    The other major cities in a similar position, by the way, include New York, Miami, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Alexandria, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shanghai, Tianjin, Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya.

    There has been no warming in 12 years, while CO2 has carried on rising. Why?

    Al Gore owns a seafront property. As the arch-warmist, why would he do this?

  4. I agree with a lot of what you say here. The consequences of a shortfall of energy supply will be dramatic. The bigger problem though, IMO, is population. There are simply too many people on our planet, and the numbers are growing at a frightening rate. This is the real issue that needs to be addressed. Everything else is just a result of overpopulation.

    What are you doing posting here? Get out there and lead by example.

    Oh? Overpopulation of other people, I get it now.

  5. But if you manipulate the main data set, that 3 out of the 4 main data sets that are used for climate modelling are based upon, you don't need to maintain a huge conspiracy - the later research will confirm what you want it to, won't it?

    I take it that you are some sort of climate change 'expert' then? Go on, explain the medieval warm period in the context of AGW....

    Is this the Mediaeval Warm Period they "needed to get rid of"? (as it showed CO2 theory to be wholly lacking)


  6. It's also not hard to see why some people are beginning to grasp the inevitability of a human die-off.

    It is hard to understand why some choose to talk with glee about this mass die-off fantasy.

    It's however obvious that the same dupes who fell for the climate change scam are the same who have fallen for this peak oil nonsense. Nothing to do with an investment in renewables is it?

  7. It'd be interesting to hear what your stance on Peak Oil is, as I asked erranta - are you stating that you believe that we will never hit peak oil, or that you believe that we haven't hit it yet?

    I just don't think it matters. Price will ration use - and as peak oil cultists are happy to point out, we waste a lot of oil so we have huge potential to cut down use when price incentives enforce this. The stone age didn't end for running out of stone.

  8. I'm intrigued about the psychology behind these constant FTSE report threads. Are they posted because people are angry markets are not crashing and reason that House Prices can't crash without this precursor and/or are people p1ssed because they are not day trading at the moment and are missing out on in and out buying opportunities?

    In fact I think this reply answers it.

    They're angry because they can't explain it. It makes them feel powerless.

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