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  1. Apocalyptic nonsense, we'll hit 10bn before we're down to 5bn. We are in a wonderful era of surplus.
  2. It's a bit of both. The engineers disclose the availability of the unit, and the traders optimise within that availability.
  3. Our most expensive month for power was July 2006, which is also the hottest month in the last decade. A lot of aircon use there.
  4. Nonsense - www.bmreports.com is a good source of data for this.
  5. That explains our recession then, we just aren't building enough windmills
  6. Doesn't Denmark have 20% installed wind capacity, and it has not managed to reduce its fossil fuel burn one bit? Wind power output is anti-correlated with demand, and that is about as appalling an energy source that you can get. (Peak demand days - very hot and very cold days only arrive at times of low wind.)
  7. There has been no warming in 12 years, while CO2 has carried on rising. Why? Al Gore owns a seafront property. As the arch-warmist, why would he do this?
  8. What are you doing posting here? Get out there and lead by example. Oh? Overpopulation of other people, I get it now.
  9. It doesn't matter what animals eat for the quality of their meat.
  10. Meat, toxic? There speaks a unhealthily pasty, flu-addled, anaemia-sufferer.
  11. Alcohol would not be legal if it had just been discovered.
  12. Sounds a bit like Bibis in Leeds.. http://www.bibisrestaurant.com/
  13. Is this the Mediaeval Warm Period they "needed to get rid of"? (as it showed CO2 theory to be wholly lacking) http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/11/29/the-medieval-warm-period-a-global-phenonmena-unprecedented-warming-or-unprecedented-data-manipulation/
  14. It is hard to understand why some choose to talk with glee about this mass die-off fantasy. It's however obvious that the same dupes who fell for the climate change scam are the same who have fallen for this peak oil nonsense. Nothing to do with an investment in renewables is it?
  15. I just don't think it matters. Price will ration use - and as peak oil cultists are happy to point out, we waste a lot of oil so we have huge potential to cut down use when price incentives enforce this. The stone age didn't end for running out of stone.
  16. I'd be more inclined to believe in this peak oil stuff if it wasn't being propagated by the very same dupes and VIs who fell for the global warming lies.
  17. They're angry because they can't explain it. It makes them feel powerless.
  18. Hiding the decline? Using tree ring proxies rather than proper data?
  19. There shouldn't be one IMO due to the feedback of QE risk whenever things look "bad".
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