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  1. Ater a recent agreed inspection, the letting agent said that the landlord wants to redecorate for us. We're not really too keen, with paint smell and disruption etc so decided to stall by not agreeing times etc.

    So on Wednesday which was the day the agent said he'd visit with the decorator to gauge amount of paint needed, we just locked the door from the inside (not openable from outdoors) and just sat it out as he rang the bell, banged on the door, unlocked the one lock he could unlock and then attempted to open the door. Repeatedly. Then there was the phone calls and left messages. We've let them know previously that we work night shifts every now and then so I find this pretty poor behaviour.

    Anyway the agent sent a text message (!) asking to visit the next day, to which I said my flatmate is on night shift so we'd prefer not to. He then asked for a time. So I said Saturday as I knew we'd be out then and I can't stand showing someone around. Saturday comes, and no visit due to another tenant's flood - another text message let us know this. He asked if he could visit the following day. I didn't respond.

    Came from work Sunday evening and found the letting agent had indeed visited, and had left lights on that we'd left off.

    This seems poor letting agent behaviour to me, and something I fancy using as a get out clause of giving one month's notice.

    (The whole inspection thing pisses me of anyway having intruders in your house, so we tend to leave "adult" DVDs and such like lying around for their visits :lol: )

  2. Have lived in Aspect 14 for over four years now, renting :lol: at 695/month throughout. I'd have to say the area isn't quite as bad as has been mentioned earlier in this thread. Not had any issues in my time there apart from the usual bit of noise at weekends you get in these apartments. I go to the local pubs now and then as well, a bit rough but no worse than some of the ones down the Headrow or near the station.

    Personally I do not want to buy a flat as a FTB, I'd prefer to buy a house rather than a box. In the 4 years I've saved 10k+ so an OK 2 or 3 bed would suit me fine as my flatmate also has a similar deposit (and I'd probably be able to ask the parents for a loan but prefer not to). We both walk to work, and want the 2/3 bedder to be within walking distance of the centre (for supermarkets/gym etc). Leeds seems to have a real shortage of properties in somewhat decent areas within walking distance of the city. So I'm pretty much resigned to renting while I stay in Leeds.

  3. Not really an "I told you so", but I was under a bit of pressure from parents when I moved to Leeds in August 04 for my first job to buy a flat rather than rent. I thought the flats were over-priced but got to admit that my main reason for not buying as it would have been lending a deposit off them and being in hock for a while because of that. I actually rmember in my interview for the job my interviewr asked about the housing market when he saw I had an Econ degree, I didn't give a firm answer as I didn't know at the point - but I remember thinking they were over-priced but that it needed an external cause to pop the bubble and that it would be something unpredictable to cause it, so that's why I didn't offer a prediction - plus I didn't know my interviewer's personal situation.

  4. Exactly. All this talk about global warming and climate change when what we're really facing is an energy crisis.

    Oil took millions of years to form. The human race has been around for less than 2 million years. Civilisation, as we recognise it, goes back less than 20,000 years. We have been using oil in significant quantities for less than one century and at projected rates of usage we might only have 40 years before supplies become scarce.

    Necessity will see us through.

  5. Just you wait to the green bubble get going. It will be the scam that it used to cover up on peak oil. Everyone will be trying to save the environment, when the reality is that we will be trying to save oil.

    The green bubble has been well and truly blown into by governments and complicit climte scientists who refuse to spill the beans about the downright fraud that has been perpertrated in their field.

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