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  1. We've not had many moronic catastrophist threads recently about food/oil/water. Have a bunch of TFHs left us?
  2. I don't understand what makes you a better arbiter of the usefulness of particular hobbies. Every individual can choose for themselves.
  3. They have increased leisure time. Why is that a bad news story? Only for the unimaginative.
  4. Newly-built rugby league grounds have terraced areas, it is great being able still to watch sport standing up with a pint in your hand.
  5. Watch lower-league football. Non-league is a really good typical football experience still. You get to see a load of new towns/boozers too.
  6. http://www.slstats.org/t2/Wigan+Warriors/ Warriors are averaging 15.6k attendance this season which is the second highest in the last decade. The highest attendance was 22.7k versus Warrington.
  7. The peak oilsters would have more credibility if they didn't just dish out ad homs and then scurry back under their bridges.
  8. Production takes a while to respond. Something about new oil rigs not being able to go up in a day.
  9. Land is not constantly produced, therefore house prices will only ever go up?
  10. Yes. But don't let facts get in the way of their conspiracy theory.
  11. I hope you mean that it is a non-story? It is despicable the mainstream media making out there is something dangerous about cloning, which is just a varient of genetic selection which has been going on for millennia.
  12. It sounds very good which makes it a shame that Peak Oil is VI nonsense.
  13. Is it cost-effective? Does it require government subsidy?
  14. A chap I know who's 28 has bought a place for £70k from inheritance, everyone else I know is happily renting. I'm in my 20s and could afford around a £15k deposit for somewhere but refuse to at the moment as prices are as we know ridiculous (possibility of BoMaD but personally refuse to go that route). Two cousins had a £100k-ish inheritance and as far as I know neither has "invested" it in property, one seems hell bent on frittering it away travelling for 10 years. Everyone else has been to uni so have had 3 years experience of renting and found it nothing to be afraid of.
  15. Meritocracy. - if you are contributing decently to society (ie, earning a decent wage), then to be able to buy your own place - if you get into ridiculous debt, then are penalised for it rather than bailed out - if you make stupid lending decisions, or invest in entities that do, then you and not taxpayers suffer Basically the exact opposite of what is happening right now. I would rather see meritocracy and some collateral damage, than see the current morally hazardous situation continue of things being propped up.
  16. Well it's hardly working..no-one I know in their 20s is interested in house buying. Totally different mindset amongst this group, they much prefer the flexibility renting provides.
  17. You know someone is wrong (and know it) when they call for others to be silenced, and refuse to engage in public debate. The sheeple fall for it though.
  18. I don't expect the median forecast to be correct. Were forecasts right for 2010?
  19. Not sure what cherry-picking Italy adds to the discussion really, there will always be a spread of pace of population change. I hope to see 10bn people on the earth in my lifetime , it would be a very good news story.
  20. The idea is reduce hydrocarbons per person average use. This will be done by the market making energy more expensive. Next.
  21. We are in an era of surplus, we can economise if necessary and this will be achieved by market incentives. People will go back to living closer to work for example.
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