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  1. The purported science behind the climate change lobby is full of fraud, the Climategate scandal is showing that very well indeed
  2. I expect most of the movements were priced in following the inflation figures. It was clear then IMO that there would be no more QE a it would be unjustifiable. I expect the pound will creep up and FTSE creep down over the next month, the PPT are probably using the last of their QE money to stop the FTSE falling too far today to stop too many people making the right connection.
  3. We clearly need more windmills. If we scrapped the Emissions Trading Scheme for the natural gas carbon dioxide we would save around 10%/year on our energy bills. But no, the bankers and traders need their cut.
  4. I think you should tell that to the satellites that are measuring the earth's heat content - in decline for over a decade now and continuing.
  5. Which is probably for the best since we've had 13 years of global cooling and the global warming science is currently being exposed to be all fraudulent.
  6. No, if they really were ending it they wouldn't want people to know it was ending. So they would announce it quietly to mimic the actions of a true QE-stop and then continue. No big announcement.
  7. It won't happen, but FTSE will go up by around 1% per £10bn invented, and the pound will fall by the same percentage IMO.
  8. Follow what's happeneing with QE if you want to know which direction the FTSE is heading. We'll see a huge spike in share prices if/when the government or BoE allued to more QE, or a further fall if they hint it's definitely over as a result of the inflation figures.
  9. They've got their redundancy payout and pensions, why do they care?
  10. A feb election would be more winnable than one after the announcement of Q1 figures with the economy decimated by the January cold spell and the February very cold spell..
  11. I made a prediction in the CPI thread after the inflation figures were released that the stock market would be below 5000 by this coming Friday, as the traders start to price in the likelihood that QE is over as it could no longer be justified to extend it. QE was the only game in town keeping share prices artificially inflated as a liquid hedge against its inflationary impact. The FTSE might or might not get down to 5000 but I feel I've made a prediction within a sensible timeframe and it is appearing to be nearly vindicated. You can trace the share price rises right back to the introduction of QE and their current losing run back to the announcement of the inflation figures.
  12. Blanchflower is worse than irrelevant now.. Mandelson was probably doing that to make it seem like Ken Clarke was an outsider, nothing unusual really as when there is someone in your company you want to unsettle it's a good tactic. We could probably use a thread on whether we'll see any more QE as the question is cropping up in a few different threads at the minute!
  13. End of QE due to rising inflation, no-one to buy gilts, they want an election calling now but Brown won't as he's bottling again.
  14. How the BBC reports things is irrelevant to the MPC's decisions. We'll know next week anyway!
  15. Can't see it, with inflation taking off they'll not be able to justify any more QE. King has a semblance of reasonability.
  16. I was sure I heard Nick Robinson alluding to an election in six weeks on the News at Ten last night, then again I wasn't listening properly
  17. I thought it was only a couple of weeks but I'm not sure here. It depends what effect they thought the catastrophic cold spell in January had. We had at least two weeks of minimal discretionary economic activity, surely. There again, doesn't January usually show such a dip that is seasonally adjusted out? I really can't see how Q1 2010 will show more growth, with inflation taking off won't the GDF deflator be higher too? Again this is something I'm not confident about. If I was a Labour strategist I'd be arranging to call an election later this week for February. Or will Brown bottle it again.
  18. Car sales, post-VAT rise consumption will both harm the Q1 figures IMO and send us back to shrinking again, I'm going for a February election. Brown has saved us
  19. No, there is no justification for any more QE as inflation has taken off. That's why share prices have been falling since the inflation data.
  20. No increase in interest rates as we don't want to choke off the fragile recovery and harm the housing market.
  21. That would be four days surely. Be fair
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