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  1. We could have the perfect scenario of healthy economy and falling house prices at this rate..
  2. Very efficient that, sending electricity from northern Scotland all the way to southern Europe. I wonder how few % actually make it?
  3. So for windpower to be better than nuclear, a whole country has to down tools Says it all really.
  4. They should be encouraging a power supply that can respond to demand. Windmills do the opposite. Peak electricity demand comes at times of very hot weather or very cold weather, conditions that come about with an absence of wind. The investment in windmills has been a complete waste, but it has sure lined the pockets of politicians' friends in the industry who got the nod and the wink.
  5. You forget that by printing they can depress bond rates? I'm not actually in gold, but it is an interesting alternative.
  6. Not sure I have any apart from of the go karting I somehow didn't get banned from doing for being intoxified.
  7. HPCers will be the Blackpool/Fulham sort, might be earning F all, might be earning an OK amount, but making the most of what we have
  8. Earning £31k and saving £600 a month when I'm not being a dick. Lost nearly £1k on a stag do this weekend
  9. Did you quote that from somewhere? If not it's one of the best lines I've seen on HPC.
  10. Been seeing this suggestion in a number of threads recently. Seems to "make sense" in that it could sort out the deficit at the same time as stopping the unfair penalisation of savers. But what would happen to the currency? Has this ever been tried anywhere? I expect in the short-term they (central bankers) would be seen to know enough that the effect would be muted, ie they know enough in order to make the two actions counter-balance each other. But would they really? Would you prefer to be in gold or paper when the paper is being printed but you could get a 5% YoY return with it?
  11. You can get disability for being an alcoholic nowadays. Best crack a tinny (ideally 3 hours ago) so that you can qualify.
  12. Surely there is no one best place because we'd all prefer different climate, population density, etc. By the end of August for example I'm usually sick of the heat in Britain and want it to cool down. Permanent 21c and low humidity would be ideal but I can't imagine there are many places like that.
  13. 1998 is still going to be warmer than 2010 - both are El Nino years. Why hasn't all that plant food we have been supplementing the atmosphere with caused any warming? Warming is over.
  14. And thus the peak oil scammers have another victim
  15. Ah the new modus operandi of the climate evangelists. Start with a reasonable sounding post and then succumb to the usual ******** warming nonsense, warming that hasn't been going on for over a decade.
  16. Ah, Peak Oil, the doctrine that ignores reality. Gas and electricity are chepest they've been for a long time, not much sign of shortage there thanks.
  17. The problem is a forecast La Nina and global cooling much worse than we experienced in 2008. Blame all the global warming scientists telling everyone to plant heat-resistant crops, because we're getting the opposite. We'll cope. People who live in dustbowls and produce nothing of any worth might not.
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