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  1. Congratulations on your healthy new baby. It is very easy to criticize everything about the UK, however my experiences are very different. We have 2 great kids, NHS were excellent with the births. The local primary school is outstanding, I couldn't be happier with the progress the children are making. Loads of after school / outside school sports / hobbies are available free, or at a reasonable cost. The local council gym / swimming pool is absolutely first class. Had surgery on the NHS 3 years ago, and I must say the surgeon was excellent. I have looked at emigration quite a bit, and my conclusion was that while the children are growing up the UK is the right place for us.
  2. The ideal world for a Letting Agent is a new tenant every 6 months, they don't care about the Tenant, they only want the fees. What I don't understand is what a Landlord gets out of their Tenants being so poorly that they move out as soon as the AST runs out.
  3. The adjoining property has obviously been on fire. I wouldn't want to pay money to put my children in a bedroom, with the risk of them being burnt to death in their sleep.
  4. I think you should spend less time guessing what makes other people happy & why other people do things, and spend more time actually doing whatever you feel will make you happy / successful. Your conclusion that running a shop will give you more stability than a full time job & more freedom than living off passive investments is bizzare.
  5. There is no work in this area, so no real demand from economic migrants. The only people who would buy this place to live in are locals, who are comfortable living in this type of community. The only people who should consider this as a BTL, need to be very confident they can deal with the types of problems that happen in this type of area. This property will bring a lot of problems with it. While I personally know people who are very rich buying & renting out this type of property, even at £750 I see this property as a liability, because of the people & the problems they will cause, which you will have to deal with. However it is less of liability than paying £200k+ for an ex council flat in a crime infested area of London.
  6. Good tenants are to be valued, it always pays to treat them well.
  7. 8% Yield is if you buy cash. When I buy, I never plan to sell. The only thing that matters is the rent, and maintenance / insurance costs.
  8. This is a difficult question to answer yes or no. A 3 bed family house at 4x average single wages, in an area which a young family would enjoy raising a family is probably ideal. Ideally these houses would be rising in line with local wage inflation, to create a feeling of local pride & encourage further investment. There are areas like this near me. When I think of really cheap houses, I think of areas which are in terminal decline & the only people left are trapped on benefits and can't escape. There are areas like this in my region, I occasionally go there when my son plays football. I come away from these areas with a sense of sadness, this is not a good thing.
  9. Just because housing appears a poor investment in your area right now, doesn't mean it is the same everywhere. Cash & high dividend yielding shares have there place in my investment portfolio, as does residential property. I am sure that if I was a young adult living in London now I would be despondent with the current price of houses there. However I am not, I was brought up & still work / live in the North East. I also accept that I don't set the rules of the game & can't change them. (If I could I would steer jobs / investment away from London / South East, which would help both of us). I just try to study the rules / probabilities, and invest accordingly in the long term interests of my family. This is my only account. Normally I don't have time to post, but I am working away & have time on my hands Tonight.
  10. Value in terms of cost to build. If you buy well in the North East, (Auctions, Reposessions) properties are now selling at less than the rebuild cost. Value in terms of rental yield. 8% rental yield on the properties I look at. >15% is available, but these are properties in areas I wouldn't want to live or invest in.
  11. In my area of the NE 2 bedroom houses in good working class areas now sell for >£70k, reposessions, forced sales etc. Normally need a bit of tidying up, which may cost another £5k. At the peak they were selling for £120k in good condition. They rent out very quickly for £500pcm. £300K would buy 4, you could live in one & rent the other 3 out. £1500 income per month, living in the UK mortgage free. Obviously there are some costs, hassles etc. However if all 4 houses are near each other, it is easy to keep an eye on things & it doesn't cost too much for repairs if you are handy.
  12. OP, It is best to plan for the worst & hope for the best, life will only get more expensive. You never know what is around the corner, a couple of kids or a divorce would put a major hole in your plan. Regarding investments, which is what you were originally asking about, here are a few things that I am interested in. CF Ruffer Total return Fund High Yielding Blue chip stocks, BP, Shell, Aviva, RSA etc. PIBS Buy To Let Structured Products (Invesco) As with anything in life all of the above carry risk. Good Luck
  13. Like I said it depends on your personal circumstances. Where you live, how secure your employment is, how much value there is in house prices in your area. Personally I see a lot of value on offer in my area. In my area I don't currently see a bubble or affordability issues. If I was in London or the South East I am sure that I would see things differently.
  14. Like I said it depends on your personal circumstances. Where you live, how secure your employment is, how much value there is in house prices in your area. Personally I see a lot of value on offer in my area. In my area I don't currently see a bubble or affordability issues. If I was in London or the South East I am sure that I would see things differently.
  15. OP Retire on £300k at 35 in the UK, I think you are being over optimistic. You said that there are many investments which return > 10% ROI. If there are please tell me where to find them. It is incredibly difficult to find passive investments yielding > 10% ROI, that don't place your capital at significant risk. Additionally you need to consider the effect of inflation reducing the value of your capital & income yield.
  16. There is a lot of group think & negativity on this forum. Maybe if I lived in London or the South East I would feel the same, however I don't & things appear very different from my perspective. It is easy to criticize the idea of buying property as one of a range of means for an average person to provide for a more comfortable retirement. However when someone asks what your alternative is the silence is deafening. My personal opinion is that for some people, buying certain property in some areas of the UK right now, looks a very good investment.
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