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  1. I can tell you there were instances where at the end of a marketing process West Register matched the top bid and bought the asset.
  2. When power etc gets concentrated into the hands of the few cronyism sets in. The bad debt is handled by a few, there are relatively few insolvency practitioners and only a handful of agents carrying out their instructions. Very cosy.
  3. I wouldn't be a fan of the TUV but Jim is in his element now.
  4. Newton Emerson likened the response to alleged wrong doing as similar to the Bishops on child abuse. Good point. Does someone have to call the cops or can they step in anyway?
  5. So why did NAMA not take Herbert loans?
  6. Reckless lending v reckless borrowing. Only one way to decide who was to blame. Fight!!!
  7. I would settle for a less than 1% drop in turnover in my business.
  8. If someone owns a carpet they vacuum it. If the Landlord owns it they pee on it.
  9. Five grand holding deposit. Catch a grip of yourself.
  10. Without knowing the details of the case vesting can happen without agreement obviously and the full financials can be hammered later. Market Value is only one heading of claim. I havnt heard what they are actually arguing here. If the claimants are left with higher loan costs because of the land taken there could be something to argue. I am unsure if compensation for Disturbance has to derive from physical or tangible costs.
  11. AFAIK The Tribunal can only award current market value. Whether there is a case for financial disturbance because of owners being left with an unsecured loan is interesting.
  12. Probably an overdue shake up of a bloated organisation. It remains to be seen if the new structures can do better for less cash.
  13. Nama-ed is a shortened form of Namafied, as in has been Namafied. Namafication is the name of the process, as in subjected to Namafication. I need an Englisg scholar to help me out.
  14. Fair enough, they are only trying to put their own spin on it. Commercial enterprise is driven by profit and rightly so. They are socially responsible insofar as it increases their customer appeal and helps profit. Brilliant, self regulating, inherent dynamics. Just made that phrase up. I am all for inherent dynamics provided they are in the proper direction. I am really against Sammy trying to make up for a leaky bucket of a so called NI Budget by pulling special taxes out of the bag.
  15. Tesco and theit like probably represent more efficient retailing. This probably means fewer jobs per pound through the til. This enables them to offer value for money. Now of course they need to be watched to make sure they do not throw their weight about excessively but to be lambasting them for their inherent efficeincy is hypocritical. We live in a world of vested interests but sometimes (mostly) the justification for meddling just beggers belief. Furthermore the proposed increasing of rates payable for larger premises will almost certainly reduce profitability and there corporation Tax liability. Either that or increased prices. Whatever will the Chancellor say?
  16. What a load of bunkum. When did falsly inflating demand by inventing enquiries ever suppress a price. More likely just p** agent off. Better off with a full and frank discussion with agent and whatever you do stick to your guns. For Gods sake try not to lookm smug that you know better than agent. If they are bluffing they know they are wrong but just doing their best. You then become a party that someone wants to do business with.
  17. http://www.rate-your-solicitor.com/index.php?section=details&id=13602 I can not verify anything in the above link and suspect it may be libellous.
  18. A glimpse of FMs socialist politics. Failed business assets should revert to the state and be applied to the greater good of those in greatest need? So rendering all bank security worthless and and at a stroke removing any facility for enterprise to borrow money on a secured loan. The politics of sound bites. What a shambles.
  19. The same percentage revision as Prentice Estate. A pretty solid performance in my book. Or did they use the same valuers?
  20. I still wonder why these properties are sold so far away from home. Surely the price on a clean quick deal for the mortgagee is at a discount compared to a well managed local sale. Can the mortgagee not be bothered?
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