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  1. I can tell you there were instances where at the end of a marketing process West Register matched the top bid and bought the asset.
  2. When power etc gets concentrated into the hands of the few cronyism sets in. The bad debt is handled by a few, there are relatively few insolvency practitioners and only a handful of agents carrying out their instructions. Very cosy.
  3. I wouldn't be a fan of the TUV but Jim is in his element now.
  4. Newton Emerson likened the response to alleged wrong doing as similar to the Bishops on child abuse. Good point. Does someone have to call the cops or can they step in anyway?
  5. So why did NAMA not take Herbert loans?
  6. Reckless lending v reckless borrowing. Only one way to decide who was to blame. Fight!!!
  7. I would settle for a less than 1% drop in turnover in my business.
  8. If someone owns a carpet they vacuum it. If the Landlord owns it they pee on it.
  9. Five grand holding deposit. Catch a grip of yourself.
  10. Without knowing the details of the case vesting can happen without agreement obviously and the full financials can be hammered later. Market Value is only one heading of claim. I havnt heard what they are actually arguing here. If the claimants are left with higher loan costs because of the land taken there could be something to argue. I am unsure if compensation for Disturbance has to derive from physical or tangible costs.
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