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  1. Is it a sign of the times that no one could be bothered to upload this?: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/436966/May_HPI_15.pdf
  2. Nice One of the things Belvoir Colchester charged me for was to redo the seal round a bath that had went mouldy in places. This was a bathroon with no outside window and I had been living in the property for over 3 years - charged me £80 Edit to add: I think that's what they mean by a professional ethical service
  3. Received this from Belvoir Colchester today. Lettings Agents Fees have exploded in cost in the last 10 years. I dont see the value in all these contract, check in, check out fees etc - just looks to me a transparent way for the Lettings Agents to take money direct from the tenant, In my experience Belvoir Colchester also try to be creative on charging tenants for wear and tear and cleaning of their properties when they give notice - avoid. Are they scaremongering scum? Dear Unsafe As Houses Many of you will have seen or read recent media reports that tenant fees appear to be part of the
  4. Yes, In London and areas of the south cavity walls didn't become prevalent until the 1930's but up north it was much sooner - there are many houses built in early 1900's with cavity walls. A house I lived in was built in 1910-ish and had cavity walls. How would you judge which pre-1930 houses have heritage value? The plain 1930's built houses were referred to by contemporary critics as 'Jerry Built Houses' - being plain and apparently so poorly built it looked as if the German had built them (quite ironic that now). Those contemporaries would be suprised you're using that broad cut-off f
  5. I don't think EPC's are very accurate at all/ I'm sure there's been a HPC thread on how cr*p EPCs are at some point.
  6. A mix of housing stock makes towns more interesting. Our towns and cities would have looked a lot more cr*p now if the 'slum' clearance and new builds of the 60s and 70';s had been more prevalent. Generally, the best old housing stock from each era has survived. For example, a lot of the back-to-back Victorian terrace housing and rookeries have gone, whereas the better built Victorian villas built for the more affluent have largely survived.
  7. Yeah the valuation data is about useful as Zoopla's valuations. I guess they would get lots of complaints if the valuations were not far too high and going up steadily year-on-year. I'm currently buying a house buiilt in 1900 according to the land registry and this is the year that also appears in the building survey I paid for. I assume the surveyor just looked the house up on this website. The valuation of the house in the survey actually says, 'Based on properties of this age and type in this neighbourhood and the current state of the property market I value this property at 'x'. If the
  8. How accurate is the Land Registry's Year Built data for properties? The year built data is available here: http://www.mouseprice.com/house-prices/sw17+9rd (you have to regsiter to get the data but registration is free) The year built data is used by surveyors in property valuations and surveys - but how accurate is it? Anecdotally for me - it's woefully inaccurate. Here's one example a street in SW London: SW17 9RD: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=SW17+9RD&hl=en&ll=51.41969,-0.15044&spn=0.000013,0.009077&sll=53.655016,-1.787682&sspn=0.055547,0.145226&hnear=Londo
  9. Weekend BUMP! So Kirsty after 14 years of the Location Location Location are you planning on retiring anytime soon?
  10. If you were to appear on Location Location Location what would you say? Just to clarify, I'm not going to appear on LLL. I thought we needed a more light-hearted thread given all the doom and gloom news we've had of late. So here it is - let me set the scene... You've applied to appear on LLL and, after some minimal vetting, you're shocked to discover that the anti-Christ herself and her faithful gimp want to 'help' you find and buy a house. The gruesome twosome are expecting the typical house hunter that appears on the show - i.e. more (borrowed) money than sense - and are in for a shoc
  11. If we do get a crash in 1-3 months - Milliband and Balls will be get elected the following year with evil plans to stop the correction and hopefully reinflate the market
  12. +1 I took an 8k pay cut to move from the South East to the North. I can buy a reasonable house in a nice area up here rather than a cr*p flat in a cr*p part of london. There's no point in me being in London in my line of work. This situation cannot last long - either London and the SE are going to become more affordable or the rest of the country is going to become more unaffordable.
  13. No - I know Forest Gate very well and practically lived there in 2012. I never saw 20-30 people waiting outside a house for a viewing on a Saturday during the build-up to the Olympics where EA's and elements of the media would have us believe people were desperate to own or rent somewhere in East London. Perhaps London EAs can drum up these numbers in certain cases - but as standard? I doubt it.
  14. 'In a bid to sell more houses to more people in less time, estate agents are giving up on traditional methods – patter, printed details, and accompanied viewings – in favour of "open houses", when up to 150 people get 15 minutes each to shuffle around a property before deciding whether it might be their future home.' There's six people in that photo - I smell a rat. Has anyone here even been on one of these fabled open house events where a hundred people turn up?
  15. What per cent of Bungalows have had the attic converted into bedroom space? Must be a greater proportion than other housing types.
  16. If Estate Agency 'work' does become obsolete WEstate Agents will just become Letting Agents
  17. Yes, I did my first degree iin the late 1990s at a North-West England University and lived in slum student accommodation in my second and third year that cost me £35 a week .In my first year in halls of residence I shared a kitchen with 12 other students. It was the norm then but not now. Things have been changed over the last ten years by student accommodation marketing and increasingly high-end student accommodation being built - that's not the current students' fault. Now, unfortunately, studnets have to get into a huge amount of debt to get a higher education qualification - I don't b
  18. Some Universities are going to seriously struggle in the next few years but Huddersfield won't be one of them - unlike most other universities it has no debt. Cumbria and Leeds Met/Beckett on the other hand have problems.
  19. Quote from the Examiner article: 'But it’s a competitive market in studentland these days and so the prices tend to be relatively modest from just £105 per week.' That sounds pretty damn expensive for Huddersfield to me. Universities have been replacing their old cheap student accommodation with more high-end hotel-esque stuff in the last several years - better profit margins clearly.
  20. +1 Also people act up to the cameras - this will be a bigger problem if the participants are getting paid for thieir participation in the programme.
  21. The young twenty-somethings able to live with their parents are the lucky ones.
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