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  1. That's a nice house too. Maybe there are two number 14's! That's a fair drop.
  2. Do the lenders not do financial checks on you, proof of income etc?
  3. by what percentage do you think house prices will fall? Some people on the forum have been saying that they expect to see prices to come down by 50%, that will take some time at this rate. When does everyone think the correction will accelerate? As a wannabe FTB, I'm hoping to jump onto the ladder in late 2007, I think prices will have dropped 20% by then and hopefully I'll be able to pick up a bargain at BMV.
  4. Yep, another one here. Saving for a deposit and waiting for a "correction". I'm may start looking in the new year. Want to get onto the ladder, but would obviously make same damn ludicrous offers. 30-40% BMV, say....
  5. I'm also waiting for the forthcoming "correction" in prices before I step on the ladder. I'm 21, and hope to buy in the next 2-3 years, currently saving (want a sizeable deposit) and by that time should be on a decent salary. Unfortunately, my other half thinks the market won't crash. (I'm trying to persuade her to have a look at the site). I've told her that there is no way we are going to buy at current prices. I was talking to a mate last night (he's 28) and he bought his 1 bed house for £43k 7 years ago, it's now valued at about £120k. I told him to sell and rent for a couple of years, stick his £80k equity in the bank. But he wasn't convinced.
  6. Yes, I was only answering his question. He wanted the best part of 90k for a crumby 1 bed flat over his shop, in need of a lot of work. It seems the only place anybody seems to realise the situation the market is in is on this forum!
  7. Good point. If I owned property I'd be the same.
  8. I've been a avid follower of the forth coming "correction" for a cople of years now, mainly because I want to step on the property ladder myself, but cannot at current prices. Twice this week, I have mentioned house prices have come into conversation and twice I have been snapped at and the conversation quickly overted. I was in the barbers on monday. Speaking to the barber about the flat he had for sale above the shop. He asked if I was interested... Me: Not for a couplke of years yet mate, I'm waiting for prices to come down. Barber: Don't be so silly, they won't come down. Interest rates will stay low and prices will go up. END OF CONVERSATION. I was then in the Halifax on Tuesday setting up an ISA CASHIER: So sir, when are you planning to buy a house? (all nice and polite) ME: Oh, not for a couple of years yet. Prices are too high, I'm waiting for the correction. CASHIER: (abruptly) House prices wont come down. ... She hardly spoke a word to me after that. What's going on. Don't people realise that house prices in relation to earnings are way over the long term average? Why is everyone so naive/stupid? Or is it just me?
  9. Evening everyone. Have just been reading up a bit on ISAs. I'm thinking about going for an Index-tracker ISA. I'm only thinking about paying in £100-200 a month. Can anybody recommend a good account? All the best Maynard
  10. YES! I'm always after a bargain and I would never offer full asking price to start with, in any market, even if it meant losing the house! Im stubborn!
  11. I'd be interested to know what's happening to HPs on the west side, aka Perth. I seem to remember that when I was there in the second half of 2003/early 2004 house prices were still booming. Are prices in WA heading the same way as over east?
  12. I cannot believe how people can be so stupd! Why would anybody pay well over the odds for a house without checking it out first. Surely anybody with half a brain would be on the phone to Redrow, Berkeley etc to find out what the prices were in their developments!!! A million pounds in three months!!! They deserved to be ripped off!
  13. I would have to say the UK at this moment in time. It's not perfect, there are many things I'd change. I belive it overcrowed and there is no control on immigration (which is worrying). But it's a lively place and there's always something to do, no matter the weather. I have lived in Australia (Perth), and the grass isn't greener. The weather can be nice, but it's usually too hot and the flies are a nightmare. It's also very hard to get a break jobwise over there. Unless you know the right people. Im not saying that i would never go back, but at this moment in time, the UK is a great place.
  14. It's great to see like-minded people on the forum. I agree with these policies we need zero tolerance on criminals and the ignorant trash who sponge from the state. A return of "victorian" values cracking down on teenage pregnacy and disipline. We need an immigration system that works, as discussed recently, a points system like that of Australia's may be an idea. But maybe this is all just a dream, will things get worse before they get better?
  15. Great to see a constructive topic for a change and not just a slanging match as usual on the forum! I am also a QS, working for a main contrator in the south east. Work down here seems to be plentiful and it seems to be a real sellers market (labour wise) at the moment. This forum is getting a bit too heated at times. Too many people getting carried away with themselves! I was a bit of a bear when I first joined, but now i'm having second thoughts. I cant see a full blown crash in the pipe line, not for the forseeable future anyway.
  16. I live 30 mins from Ashford, I don't really know it well though. I don't know why everyone wants to live there, but they do. Hence why there is a massive boom in construction there. Unfortuantely, this part of the world is full of "chavs". Unfortunate, no town can escape them.
  17. There is a huge amount of building work going on in Ashford, it seems like everyone wants to live there. I work down the road, in Canterbury, and it seems to be the "in" place to live at the moment.
  18. Have you ever lived lived in the southern hemisphere? Having tried Perth myself, i can honestly appreciate what the UK and Europe has to offer. Granted, it is warm, but it's full of braindead people who haven't a clue of what is outside WA!
  19. An intresting thread to me. As I may have mentioned before, i am only 20. I work full time and my company pay for me to attend college 1 day a week on an HNC. I am gaining a qualification which will allow me on to a degree and at the same time I am earning and learning. I enjoy the job and am getting a free education at the same time. The majority of my friends are at uni, haven't a clue what they are going to do, and mainly doing useless degrees like psycology and politics. Have about 6hrs a week of lectures and spend the bank's money on booze! This labour government has created this "university culture", nobody wants to learn a trade anymore. The "cool" thing to do is go to uni and waste 3 years of your life for no reason other than to "have a laugh". It's a joke.
  20. I would agree with you. However, it's getting that chance to work. I applied for the most junior positions and the most lowest paid (in all sorts of things) and never even got an interview. I eventually got a job, only through a friend of a friend. Maybe it's just Perth, I have heard many people say Perth is a lot different to "over east". Maybe i will try "over east" one day.... Anyway, we're getting off the topic. All the bet Maynard
  21. Im not too sure where this perception of such a great country comes from. I lived in Australia for a short time, hated the place and returned home. They have the same social problems as the UK. There are paeodophiles (have i spelt it right?) there, there are drug addicts, there are "chavs", although they are called "hoons"! House prices are high compared to wages and it's extremely hard to get a job when you haven't worked in Australia previously or know people. This is just my opinion, i was based in Perth. Sure, the weather is nice, the flies are a nightmare though. It's for some people, but not for everyone. Over 50% of emigrants return to the UK in the first 2 years.
  22. My great gran won 50k jackpot in 1970. Someones gotta win it I suppose. good luck everyone.
  23. This time a year ago, I was working in Harvey Norman in WA (i wont say which one!), in the electrical dept. It's unbeliveable the the money people were spending on home cinema rooms, barbeques, fridges, etc etc. Taking advantage of interest free credit and the equity on their homes. The boss was spending his new found wealth on jet skis and boats and a flash apartment. I wonder how long this will all last...
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