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  1. I was asking for advice in good faith. Not too sure why some people on here feel the need to throw a load of s**t at someone just for asking an honest question. I would agree with your comments, it does seem like a lot of aggravation. I was just looking for some feedback, that's all. Politeness doesn't cost a penny.
  2. I've been doing a bit of research on Bulgaria, exploring the possibility of buying an apartment on the Black sea coast, Sunny Beach. I'm looking to go out there sometime on a reccie. From what I have read, Bulgaria is a pretty sound investment, is this really the case? Is it the new costa del sol? Has anyone bought out there yet?
  3. I'm considering moving out to Dubai in the next 12-18 months. The plan is to work out there for a few years, enjoy the tax-free lifestyle and when I come home eventually (if I do) I'll have a nice bit of bunse saved. Question is.... do I bite the bullet and buy something over here before I go and let it out? I have been a great believer in the forthcoming HPC for a couple of years now and I think that it is inevitable that it will come.... eventually. If I was to buy something, there is no way I would be willing to pay the sort of asking prices people are looking for. I would be looking to
  4. What are your views on the state of the industry at the moment, BP? I'm also a young guy in the industry (Q.S for a main contractor) and there is so much work out there at the moment for us. Do you think we'll see a downturn in the industry this side of 2012? I went to see a mortgage advisor yesterday and was told i could easily get 115k easily. I told him I was waiting for prices to fall and he was adament prices won't go down. Personally, I think I will wait another year or so and see what happens, ideally I'd like to do a self-build.
  5. Well to be more concise, my title is "assistant project surveyor". I do everything that a main contractor's surveyor ten years my senior would do, i'm just not as experienced. I am finishing off my HNC (on day release), so I am getting exactly the same education as someone who has gone to uni full time. And if I so desire, I can go to uni next year on day release. Well yes, when required I go out on site and do some measuring. Then I arrange the meeting with the subbie and their final account is settled between him and me. I have only been doing it for 2 years and am surprised myself of
  6. This is very true, but there will always be a demand in construction for good professionals and tradesmen all over the world. I'm 21, i work for a large construction firm as a Quantity surveyor, haven't been to university and i earn 23k plus car and bonus (and final salary pension). Times are good for us surveyors at the moment, i know it won't last forever, but when it ends i'll just go to work in another country. The problem is that there are too many people going to uni to do "mickey mouse" subjects. That's why we have such a shortage of tradesmen and that's why sparkys are earning 50k.
  7. Oh no! I really want us to lift the world cup, but I also really wanna buy a house for a knock-down price. What shall i wish for? Well i'm going to the World cup so here is one FTB that is delaying buying for another year!
  8. Mr. English teacher, to which post are you referring? It is nice that you are taking an interest in peoples' grammar. You must be bored!
  9. Have you been to view any houses as yet? Although there is no way I would pay these ludicrous prices, I am thinking about going to view a few this weekend, get a taster and see how desperate people are to sell. I think houses are overvalued by at least 30%, I think a vendor will swing for me if I said that to their faces! Any advise?
  10. It does appear that most people, home-owners or not, are carrying an increasing amount of un-secured debt. Personally, I owe very little on my credit card and in the past year have managed to save a good chunk of my disposable income. I'm am just about to take a nice pay rise, so effectively, i could go out tomorrow and buy a 1 bed flat with a 95% mortgage, but no way! That would mean i'd have to borrow about 5 times my income! I'll hold out for another year or two, have a very nice deposit and wait until someone is begging me to buy their home! I'm only 21, so i'm not in a great hurry.
  11. Well said rent girl. Landlady, why do you begrudge the oppourtunity for young people to buy a home at an affordable price? I don't really give a damn about your opinion anyway, you just enjoy the power you have over your tenants. I'm sure you get a real kick out of it.
  12. There hasn't been a great deal around the last couple of years, but I seem to be noticing more on the market at the moment. I don't know if it's because people who were going to develop are getting cold feet and are opting to sell the land instead of building a house then selling it. There are a couple of new builds around my area which have been built and put straight on the market at ludicrous prices. One such has been lying empty for months. 3 bed chalet det bungalow priced at 275k (east kent). The builder hasn't even made it look tidy, all overgrown weeds on the driveway! I'm also lo
  13. Having lived and worked in Australia for a short time a couple of years ago (for an big electrical goods retailer), I can see big problems ahead. Those Ozzies are big consumers. The amount of goods they were buying on credit... Bar-b-q's (i'm talking $3k barbies!), plasma tellys and cinema projectors etc. American fridge freezers.... Holden Ute's, 4x4's. Madness!
  14. Hi Pye, welcome to the forum. Not too sure what i'd do in your position, but it sounds like you've thought it out and if you can afford it, then go for it. How much was the flat originally? Could you get it any cheaper? Be as cheeky as you possibly can be. You may be able to knock off another 10k. I am not going to try and persuade you to change your mind, if I had the money and could get the mortgage and liked the property I expect I'd go for it. But only if I thought I was getting value for money.
  15. You wanna stop taking yourself so seriously TTRTR!
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