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  1. Over the past month i have not been reading the forum as much as previously but now that we have settled in our new house i would hope to check in more often.
  2. We have decided to rent for the foreseeable future. In terms of economics i think it makes sense to rent with house prices going to fall further. Moreover, in terms of our individual life circumstances it also makes sense. We have a little boy and the whole house buying thing was so stressful in terms of raised hopes and then disappointments. I am sure there will be a time when buying will be our preferred choice but its unlikley to be within the next year. So happy at the moment in our new house ( albeit a rented house ). Our previous landlord give us notice to leave before christmass so wit
  3. The tenancy is up on the house we presently rent and the landlord expects us out on Monday so busy looking for somewhere new. To be fair the months notice ended on christmass eve but we were given a few extra weeks to leave. However, we were hoping to move straight into the house we were planning to buy and that only fell through on Tuesday. Now we have to find somwhere by Monday. Got a text from the landlord this morning to say we would like the keys on Monday and that we owe two weeks rent. Never been behind in rent in several years renting the house. Thought he may have allowed for other
  4. Thank you shotoflight for the nice words. Over and above the financial lose of the deal falling through we put so much time and hopes into this all.
  5. I know people will say you should not lose out on a house you like for a thousand or two pounds but we think we already were giving more than the house was worth. I mean where do you stop at adding another thousand or two on. There was only so far we could go in light of the work needed doing on this house. The difference between 125 and 130 was going to be a bridge too far. I doubt our final offer ( which came with intention of exchanging monies and keys with a few days ) with ever to bettered. The vendors have already seen one sale fall through. We give them certainty of completing within
  6. To be fair to the estate agent i think he did all he could. He put a lot of time into the sale and i thanked him for all this afterwards. At the end of the day if a seller is stuck of a price there is nothing anyone can do. Next time we try to buy a house ( no plans for that in the near future ) i think i will handle things differently and better. Thanks everyone for all your help and advice.
  7. We would also point out we only had access to the deeds after we put in our initial offer of £130,000 and it was accepted. It was only then that we knew the ground rent figure and covenants. We understand the ground rent may never have been requested and even if it was it would be a small matter. However,legally the leasee can ask for this anytime and moreover request for any monies to be backdated six years. The ground rent is important in that we believe it is used to calculate the cost of buying out the leasehold. Think its multiplied by around 20 times and on top of that there would be s
  8. Sale has fallen through. Put in a new offer of £120,000 but too the unusual step of increasing it to £125,000 the following day even before we had a reply to the previous offer. Thought some of the things included in the £120,000 offer were unreasonabe and petty and did not want to come across as people the vendor did not want to sell to at any price. There is a fine line with bargaining hard and alienating the other party along the way. We did not wish to cross that line. Think our offer of £125,000 was more than fair. This new offer reflected the cost of certain work needing done but was
  9. Oh and i have promised my wife not to get into any arguments ( at least for the time being ) on the legalities of the epc reports and who should tell who what and at what stage.
  10. I could not meet the relevent other party today due to understandable personal reasons on their side. I will tomorrow. I have calmed down a lot though. Following my mini meltdown yesterday. I came back from the meeting with the estate agent yesterday and my wife said oh dear what have you said now! She knows me too well. I have typed out a polite and detailed letter for the seller. I have stated the price i had bargained for when we agreed a price did not include unforseen problems which were first highlighted in the epc report and later looked into and found to be very expensive problems. I
  11. Dont care anymore if he did read this forum. My offer tomorrow will be non negotiable. Absolutely seething about the way this has been handled.
  12. If the deal falls through it will be ALL because i was not shown the epc which highlighted all the problems which later transpired. In my view hidden problems. So what you may ask? We are not yet in contract and any party can walk away. True, but the seller does so without any lose. We will be lsoing about £3000.
  13. Yes i agree the legalities are something about nothing even if i am proved right. However, if the deal fall through i will be happy to tell you why i am so upset about this. I went in today with the intention of forgetting about the legalities of the epc but it was the estate agent who brought it up and was handing over papers to me to show he was right and had done nothing wrong. I am going in tomorrow with a new offer based quotes for repairs i need to carry out. I will be detailing everything and will have quotes to back them up. No idea how things will pan out.
  14. At one stage the person from building control did seem to concede that i should be given the report but the relevant person obliged to do this was the seller. You would at least think building control would clearly know the law but the guy on the phone had to get the legislation from a file to look through it.
  15. The relevant person shall make available free of charge a valid energy performance certificate to any prospective buyer or tenant— (a) at the earliest opportunity; and (b in any event before entering into a contract to sell or rent out the building or, if sooner, whichever is the earlier of— (i) in the case of a person who requests information about the building, the time at which the relevant person first makes available any information in writing about the building to the person; or (ii) in the case of a person who makes a request to view the building, not later than the time at which t
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