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  1. Specific numbers here re amount of people needing to remortgage this year, what rate they're currently at etc: https://propertyindustryeye.com/property-industry-reacts-to-fifth-consecutive-rates-increase/
  2. Bringing forward the day of the IMF bailout?
  3. Rewards for doing ONS Covid survey each month dropped from £25 to £20 from the start of May...
  4. As predicted, the Chase account has been knocked off the top spot: https://savingschampion.co.uk/best-buys/personal/easy-access-accounts (for anyone new to this thread, this is a discussion about the direction of rates rather than the paltry levels relative to inflation)
  5. https://propertyindustryeye.com/house-prices-the-market-is-now-at-a-turning-point/
  6. So does this mean Boris' planned big announcements (including one on housing) are on hold now?
  7. To which will see asking prices increase by £55k practically overnight
  8. Tories ditched Maggie for Major in 1990 and he went on to lead the Tories to an electoral victory in 1992 which few had been predicting. Tories ditched May in 2019, for Johnson to then lead them to their largest majority for several elections.
  9. Correct. I recall a relative fuming a few years back when their MP changed party. "But we voted Tory at the election..." they bleated. No - you voted for an individual who had membership of one political party at that time and who had since changed their allegiance. They are still the MP for that constituency.
  10. Eh? People vote for a constituency representative - an individual who is most likely a member of a political party at that time. The party members, not the general electorate, choose who their leader is. The leader of the largest political party becomes the PM.
  11. What's the data set out today that's gloomy? I think CPI would need to break through the 10% barrier and stay there for a full quarter before we'll get a 2% BoE rate... If that doesn't pan out, I think property prices could remain flat in nominal terms as a stand off between sellers and buyers sets in. Any crash would then be in real terms, with salaries playing catch up.
  12. Estate Agent says supply of houses for sale increasing and property prices are set 'to return to earth' https://propertyindustryeye.com/housing-supply-finally-improves-as-high-prices-set-for-return-to-earth/
  13. There have been so many props it's hard to remember them all...
  14. #OCD Moment I think you mean Funding for Lending? Term Funding came in after the Brexit vote I believe...
  15. I came across Laim Fox's article - in print so no link, sorry - calling for investigations into the BoE over not seeing the current inflation on the horizon. It's a better read than I thought - he draws a clear comparison with central banks which have not recently engaged in QE (Switzerland, China and Japan) and are reporting current inflation at around 2%.
  16. Any other MSM doubling down on property price woes, or just the Telegraph?
  17. So those who aren't getting bonuses from their employment in the finance sector are experiencing a real wage cut of around 5%... Ouch.
  18. And in other news... https://propertyindustryeye.com/little-evidence-of-house-price-growth-slowing-at-least-not-yet/
  19. Because house prices aren't included in inflation figures
  20. Coventry upping rates on my Easy Access saver to 1.4% in a few weeks. The prediction here that the Chase account 1.5% offering would come under pressure soon appears to be coming true.
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