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  1. That's an unfair comparison. 80K in Pounds is about 125K in USD. How about this one for 60K in Pounds: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28076065.html
  2. I did this survey a couple of months back. The qustions were skewed toward me being keen to buy in the next 12 months, even though I'm not. At one point it had the cheek of saying 'You have told us that you are planning to buy in the next 12 months...'. Thought I'd missed something, hit back a few times to get to the beginning and got the same outcome. Later it started asking me questions about the X-Factor presenters. In short, any result of this survey is utterly meaningless and it would not stand up to professional market research scrutiny / standards.
  3. This could be the first evidence I've seen of the government admitting it was / is a bubble and not 'market fundamentals'. Happy to be proven wrong with lots of other evidence that the govt has used this term in official communications. * 100th post!!!! *
  4. One major difference I've noticed is that when prices started coming down in 08, I heard a lot of house owners admitting it was needed and they had become too expensive (presumably they hadn't just bought). I'm not hearing anything like that from them in the light of the downturn now resuming. Anyone else experienced this?
  5. Yesterday's Halifax figures seem to have put a dampener on many of the comments in today's threads... Go back to posts four weeks ago and HP meltdown was apparently imminent.
  6. The point I'm trying to make is that the mentality the Japanese have towards housing is totally different. Owning a house is not the be all and end all of most people's goals over there. Daytime TV is full of cooking shows rather than property pap. The sentiment is just so different in this area.
  7. Correct. A lot is made on this site about what's happened over there and it's just not that comparable. Accommodation over there is much lower quality than the UK (the flat I used to rent in Tokyo was so cold you could see your breath inside during winter). Anything over 30 years is considered old and stuff is knocked down and rebuilt at an incredible rate. Also, landlords in Japan can milk tenants for financial 'gifts' on a scale that make our BTL brigade look caring. Throw in the fact that people entertain friends and family in restaurants rather than their own homes and you're talking about very different accommodation and markets.
  8. All sense of 'normal' has long gone out of the window. Sellers who bought 15 years ago are throwing around figures like 220K for an end terrace as if they think it's a perfectly reasonable price and conveniently forgetting that they would have no chance to finance that if they were relatively new to the housing ladder. The reason why the peak is such a focus is not just because people want to return to it. Many out there think the market has already crashed and want to see peak prices return so they can advance BEYOND that. Scary really.
  9. IIRC, the July and August Halifax figures were also unusual in that they were the only ones posting positive figures. The MSM comes in for a lot of stick on this site for alternating between M-o-M figures and quarterly data depending on whatever suits their (usually bullish) agenda. However, any report that provides data which flies in the face of similar surveys for two months, then reports a massive over correction and then decides to half reverse that the month after is hardly winning my vote of confidence! I think I'll rely more on Nationwide's monthly figures from now and only go by Halifax's quarterly totals.
  10. Maybe this is where they'll ship all the HB refugees from London...
  11. I'm so glad comments on that article aren't possible - I've been spared wasting 3 seconds to read SIbley's tripe.
  12. I was just in the process of posting that chart. It does say more than a thousand words. The biggest outcome of this figure is that when compared to last month's, Halifax have made themselves look a bit stupid
  13. Agreed. But the MSM are going to be all over this...
  14. There are some on here who post any old meaningless b****ks no matter how many posts they're on. Don't restrict yourself... Meanwhile, back to the topic, I do recall a BBC TV presenter grilling the Prime Minister of Bulgaria about the number of his countrymen who were trying to get to the UK now Bulgaria was in the EU. The PM replied, in perfect English, that the exchange was hardly one way, since British property 'investors' were now snapping up Bulgarian apartments and pricing locals out of the areas where they grew up... Touche!
  15. The rest of the world laughed on as stoopid Brits took their belief in ever-increasing house prices on a global rampage...
  16. Going back to the discussion of a page or two ago... I don't get this argument that price drops will see properties snapped up by the BTL brigade. Didn't they all pile in when prices were rising because they saw it as quick way to make some easy money? Anyone who has half a brain and has a lot of cash or is able to get a mortgage in the next year or two is unlikely to invest in an asset that is clearly falling in value. How do they know where the bottom of the market is? Put differently, how many of those currently piling into gold will be keen to snap more of the stuff up if it starts an extended downward turn? I've probably oversimplified what I'm trying to say here. Am open to informed opinions why BTLers will snap up property in a market that is plummeting...
  17. I've never known anyone called Natalie to be described as a knob...
  18. The table on the front page of HPC doesn't give an average cost figure for Hometrack. Have they only started putting out such a figure, or can we get the mods to update the table?
  19. And that George W. Bush was worth re-electing in 2004.
  20. Since a cash buyer would be in a position to complete much quicker, is this a reasonable percentage off for a cash purchase? If not, what would be reasonable in everyone's opinion?
  21. The Halifax figures are indeed keenly awaited... While the last figure was a whopper, those preceding it had been pretty bullish. If this month's news is a positive figure, or less than 0.5% down then I think we are going to have a gradual correction. More than 0.5% and I think the crash is on!
  22. Given that all the other journos contact details are firstname.lastname @ heraldandtimes.co.uk I assume his email address is something along the lines of iain.macwhirter @ heraldandtimes.co.uk (I've put two spaces either side of the @ sign here). He has his own blog too - search his name in Google. No means to leave him a message there either, but I assume he reads comments to the articles, even though this masterpiece isn't on the blog yet.
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