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  1. I read the article as saying there were excess consultants???
  2. I'm not sure how the charity sector comes in for excess demand. Sure, a lot of people want to work in an environment where they are ultimately helping others rather than making money for others. However, working in this sector, I can tell you we lose A LOT of applicants as soon as they discover the salaries (or lack of) on offer. Many charities that have been based in London for a while now target their recruiting at second income earners, since they know the money they are offering will not be enough for the main breadwinner. I recently saw a vacancy with another NGO that matched my skills. It would have been a good move in terms of opportunities, but they were offering 23K for central London. No chance.
  3. From what I recall of how my old economics text book explained things, for most 'goods' there is an inverse relationship between quantity demanded and price. In short, there are people who would like to buy a house, but (like myself) are not even considering making a 'purchase' at current prices.
  4. Another very handy tip is to scrutinise your change closely. Got one of these back from a tenner recently - I make that a profit of 500% instantly! My link Alternatively, nothing, but nothing, beats this as a way to own your own home: My link
  5. All this time I thought I was the only sad git finding and collecting money off the street. After a while you get to know the best spots - outside small convenience stores, bus stops, by self-service checkouts at supermarkets... I go swimming each week and normally find several 20ps leftover in the lockers (which I check when no-one else is about). Of course, I would save more if I just didn't swim!
  6. Today's petrol prices are in no small part caused by the rampant HPI of previous years. To sustain those HPs, we have record low IRs, undermining Sterling and increasing the cost of imports like oil. One way or another, we are going to pay for the madness and greed, whether the sheeple or govt like it. It's inevitable.
  7. The first sign will be cows brandishing return train tickets...
  8. That would be shockingly inaccurate. I just checked and the headline now says: House prices up 2.2 percent year-on-year in November Have they altered it?
  9. According to Forex Factory it is indeed tomorrow.
  10. I can concur that FF was indeed showing a positive prediction for the Nationwide figures and that this is now flat. However, their predictions seem to be calculated by the 'dart hitting board' method, so I don't think it means much.
  11. The week between Christmas and New Year might usually be quiet, but there's news on HPs coming up. The latest Land Reg figures are out tomorrow and December's Nationwide numbers on Friday. Any predictions...? I notice Forex Factory was predicting Nationwide last week at +0.3% and that's now flat. Not that their prediction of track records is great... With revisions, Nationwide's figures have now been flat or falling for six consecutive months! Also - Nationwide's YoY should go negative too .
  12. The FT is read by smart people and smart people moved their money out of property a long time ago...
  13. If Sibley's speaking to people who bought a house as a home to live in and are presently secure in their jobs, in a way he's right. Somehow I don't think he's got that audience in mind when he's writing though...
  14. IIRC the govt has recently said it wants to find out why the UK as a nation is getting less and less happy. They may spend millions on the research. IMO, the answer is right here...
  15. When some of the surveys revise their figures with the next month's release, this is also not updated in the HPC tables. The Nationwide figures for both June and September were both originally +0.1% but later revised down to 0% flat. The table on this site has the old figures. Although we're talking about 0.1% here, the difference between a rise and flat is very significant. With the revisions, the Nationwide index has not risen at all for the last six months, although the HPC tables do not reflect this - big omission IMO.
  16. There's actually a car park market akin to the housing one in Tokyo - you can rent or buy a spot and it also involves having to give a gift (ie, cash) to the owner, as per houses. Top spots could rent for 200 Quid a month! Tokyo is not one of the places I would like to drive - very narrow streets in a lot of places and car parks, when you can find them, can have as few as three spaces! Having said all that, the local trains are fantastic - half the price of the London Underground for a much more efficient system. Great, great city to cycle around too. If they let you take the bikes on the trains, that would be fantastic but they don't.
  17. Indeed... Like most on this site, I rent an overpriced house because buying is too pricey BUT as Christmas approaches, I'm thankful that in cold weather I do have somewhere to call home, a loving family, a job that pays the bills, my health etc.
  18. Not round here! Moved to the area two and a half years ago. Several new build sites were being completed then, having been set in motion during the 'boom' (aka 'easy credit') years. The majority of those completed units have sat empty ever since.
  19. Some harsh folk would say this wouldn't make much of a difference. IMO that's unfair. The housing market might start running better...
  20. I'm not good at statistics, but based on their track record here it would seem they employ the 'dart thrown at a dartboard' method of coming up with a figure...
  21. Well, lets face it, they've got lots of time on their hands at the moment...
  22. Been a very very long time coming. HPI seems scared and trapped in a corner right now with no way out until it has taken a beating.
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