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  1. We're at the smoke and mirror phase of falls - presentation of data can still be manipulated to suggest flat or even slightly rising prices. Expect more of this to come over the next two to three months - seasonal interpretations, focus on quarterly rises than monthly falls etc...
  2. Usual caveats - initial asking prices only recorded here. Also, it's not seasonally adjusted - the RM index is nearly always a minus in August. This figure is consistent with other years...
  3. My savings account with them is going from 1.5% to 1.85% - better than anything else easy access at the moment (and yes, that is still waaaaay below inflation)
  4. For rewarding savers with consistently high rates, I've stuck with Coventry for years
  5. Yes, but... I would rather this outcome had been arrived at by a series of proactive decisions, particularly through the ballot box to add legitimacy. Instead, the govt and BoE are being forced kicking and screaming into this. There hasn't been a paradigm shift, just a large dose of economic reality.
  6. "Non, je ne regrette rien..." (Norman Lamont remix)
  7. Initial impressions from the tone of the BBC coverage (and the presenter almost struggling for words) is that the psychological impact of this announcement will be *very* significant - its a real statement and sentiment killer.
  8. BBC News coverage is something akin to a national state of mourning
  9. Non seasonally adjusted figure is a fall (annual growth still in double digits - which is the narrative that will be pumped out)
  10. I see your Telegraph link, and I'll raise you PropertyIndustryEye... https://propertyindustryeye.com/the-unaffordablity-index-average-house-price-now-8-7-times-average-income-ons-data/ (Contrast the bulk of the article with the views of the estate agents towards the end of it)
  11. They may well have accounted for higher mortgage interest rates - did they factor simultaneous punishing food and energy price rises too?
  12. As predicted, that Chase account is no longer a top five offering. (yes - we all know the rates are paltry re inflation - this is a discussion about the direction and momentum of savings rates) https://savingschampion.co.uk/best-buys/personal/easy-access-accounts
  13. Seeing stuff being tested on the market for bonkers prices, disappearing, then re-emerging as a rental.
  14. See also the initial response to the Covid-19 threat.
  15. https://propertyindustryeye.com/house-sellers-see-telling-change-in-achieved-price-as-housing-market-slows/
  16. Mortgages must be at least £25k. Our situation is complicated because we have a Help to Buy ISA, and I need to take out a mortgage of any size to claim our £6k bonus which comes with that.
  17. Low stock levels means EAs are overvaluing as never before in order to get properties on their books. Managing the expectations this creates among vendors comes afterwards...
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