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  1. I think it's even simpler than that. The average woman spends more time in the home and has less responsibility for paying the bills. Therefore she's more likely to push for a nicer house. In couples with a female breadwinner, where those roles are reversed - like me and DH - it's the bloke pushing for a nice big house. All just personal observation of course. I've not seen any more financial acumen among the men than the women out there in the last few years, the vast majority of people just follow what they read in the papers. X-Quork and Worzel - glad to see not all the guys out there are knuckle-dragging Nuts-reading morons Rachel
  2. All the mystery I need is right there in trying to understand something like time. Quantum mechanics, now there's some weird voodoo. God, I'm with you on that one - half way thru 'The never ending days of being dead' atm and my head's reeling. Suddenly that fairy story about a talking snake giving away apples make a whole bunch more sense as an explanation of how we came to be Rachel
  3. Happy to second the viewpoint that alternative medicine's a bunch of cobblers (and recommend 'Bad Science' as the greatest read of the year). So, now a challenge to the males out there - any bloke able to agree that women are actually real human beings, some of them complete economic f*wits and some not... just same as men? As opposed to the one-dimensional stereotype of an airhead gold-digging nail technician that you lot drag out every time women are mentioned? Rachel
  4. We've got contracts to tide us through the next 12 months at work but people are worried about what will happen then, and tell me they're paying their cards and loans off. I've got a gut feel that this won't stop even with the ir fall. I also put this on a thread in the anecdotals - Halloween was massively credit crunched round our area - last year was a riot of costumes and decorations and this year there were a few sad little pumpkins sitting on doorsteps Rachel
  5. Agree re the quiet Bonfire Night and Halloween was credit crunched as well. There's a street near us (teeny little newbuild houses with giant plasma TVs... you get the picture) that's always been great for the kids to trick-or-treat - everyone's always gone mad putting up halloween decorations and given out tonnes of sweets. It was dead this year (if you'll excuse the pun). Shame, they're nice people down that road. Rachel
  6. Outright owner of a small house and a VI for prices to fall so that I can a) buy a 'proper family home' and not see my kids screwed by unaffordable housing. Rachel
  7. Um, I think they just might have cleaned up before inviting the BBC camera crew in .... and they've found several decades of rubbish in that place, it wasn't really frozen in time with all its stock intact as at the date the place closed .... After all, if you were going to go to all the trouble of creating a fake 'frozen in time' illusion you wouldn't mix stuff from the 30's with stuff from the 70's, would you? If you go through my house you'd find several decades of rubbish a bit like that Rachel
  8. That always makes me giggle. Mmmm, houseprice falls stable at over 1% a month... every hpc'ers dream! Rachel
  9. I've been thinking since 2003 that something nasty would happen and there would be a crash, but I've been so long waiting that it's all taken me by surprise! Also there's a helluva difference between logically concluding that something's going to happen, and actually living through it. Up to the end of last year there was absolutely no point trying to explain to most people that prices might go down. In fact its kind of strange how 100% confident people were. Rachel
  10. Mr Parry hope you get back on your feet soon as poss that sounds sh*t. I have perm damage to my health too and I'd give all my dosh to have my health back! I don't if that helps, OP... Oh and having a daughter is the best thing ever! Rachel
  11. It was the same in the early 90s. Unemployment rockets, bills rocket, houseprices plunge, but still most people are working and spending. We haven't really got to the unemployment rocketing bit though. Yet. I'm seeing some changes in behaviour though, people talking nervously about needing to pay the cc off etc. They can see others getting laid off and not being able to find another job. Rachel
  12. The UK's a great place to live. Like Elizabeth I've got a choice and I've chosen to live here. Public vs private sector... read 'The Affluent Society' by JK Galbraith. The public sector gives us education, health care and clean(ish) streets, the private sector gives us McDonalds and debt-pushing banks. (No I don't work in the public sector). If you're health, be happy! I got a diagnosis a few weeks ago which made me realise, very suddenly, that anything I'd previously thought was a problem really wasn't. Get out there and enjoy life while you've got it! Rachel
  13. I remember the Economist running a whole series of articles about how this was all going to go horribly wrong in 2003. Rachel
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