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  1. Construction on a large scale anywhere for private housing units is dead. Why? Because the cost of materials is skyrocketing. Nobody has the money to purchase the built dwellings. Everything else is just talk.
  2. There is only one way out of this. Build tower blocks in every city. Build flats in villages. Merge smaller villages and hamlets into "one.
  3. There is buckets of crude at $100 per barrel There is even more at $120, and even more at $150 The technological advancers in extraction are huge. For the doubters take a look at the Canadian Oil Shale extraction figures.
  4. I know of one District Councillor who I am almost certain is "guilty" of this very offence. He has behaved unbelievably arrogantly for the past few years he has made many "enemies". I last heard he had been reported to HMRC, and has hardly been seen around the area for months and months. I wonder if he is being investigated?
  5. Trust me, buying a house is cheap by comaprison to private education.
  6. 1969 was £180, today 2011 £7,215 per term 1979 was £3018, today 2011 £10,600 per term
  7. 1969 - £180 per term 1971 - £450 per term 1972 - £989 per term 1973 - £1850 per term 1975 - £2350 per term 1978 - £2790 per term 1979 -£3018 per term Inflation, crude oil crisis, socialism
  8. Tough. "My type", the law abiding, hard working, tax paying, honest majority continue to subsidise "your type". As for your comparison to Nazi Death Camps, it really proves you are from the gutter. You could not be more offensive to the memory of 6 million and their surviving kinsmen. Delighted Bob Diamond is awarded his pay, if only because it sticks in your craw.
  9. Why not go back inside your static, turn on your telly and keep watching the drivel aired to keep the likes of you content. You really do not have the first understanding about anything other than to proffer death, violence and barrack room "advice" as though it were Gospel as an answer to those with whom you disagree, probably because you cannot debate in a civilised manner. May I suggest you read up on the French Revolution before citing it as an example? You are likely someone who doesn't even know the maiden name of his grandmother on both sides. So before you start lecturing on telling
  10. Looks like a very nice property and could be wonderful with sympathetic updating. Cannot comment on the asking price but £190,000 doesn't seem too outrageous. In the late 1970's there wasn't much money around. My school fees were just over £3000 per term and before Maggie was in power the tax for high earners was horrendous. Plus ca change
  11. I was referring to Diamond not Barclays. But Barcalys is still going.....Liverpool City Council is still going.....Zimbabwe is still going.
  12. You pray for it! You wish someone death whom you do not know because they don't agree with your feeble minded, narrow, introverted, shallow, contemptuous point of view. Get an education, then learn the word MERCY, then grow up.
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