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  1. Ok, so I used to come on here daily but haven't been on for pretty much a year due to various reasons, but lets just say house prices were suddenly the least of my worries. It all seemed to be going well, but I've heard news reports of prices rising and indeed the graph on the home page is now going the other way. Was that it? Was this big crash people were predicting just a small blip and its not full steam ahead? I hope not, but looking around now it would seem thats the case.
  2. They are saying it says in the contract they can show somebody around in the last month. Does this legally stand?
  3. Can a letting agent show somebody around before your contract is up. They can inspect the property with warning, but are they allowed to show somebody around, even with letting you know? Fred
  4. Interesting, although my method is flawed by not comparing the same houses I guess. I look and go "what can I get for 150K" - "oh look its the same old sht". Stretch to 180k and you srat getting ones that are ok. The thing is the 180K ones are still 180K 2 years on and not nearer the 150K you would now expect.
  5. Is it me or have they been the same, (if not higher in some cases!) for the last 2 years?? Not flats or appartments, 'proper' houses - a three bedroom semi for example.
  6. LOL - Sounds like you have done a similar thing to me and some of our deposit fund
  7. Is it worth buying some shares in these banks? Even if its something small like £500 per bank, if they get to within 50% of what they were a year ago within the next few years, most of them you would have about £2500 back. Even if a couple go under your still up.
  8. Like you say, maybe Nationwide are being cautious but Halfax with their new found links to the government are more aggressive with what they are lending?? Although maybe its the other way around as you would expect the person lending the most to experiance the least falls???
  9. Is there an actual official definition of a crash? Surely this must now be one.
  10. "A straightforward monthly year-on-year comparison suggests that prices may have fallen even faster, by 16.1%, although the lender argues that this approach can be distorted by short-term price fluctuations." What will it be since peak now? it cant be far off 20% ???
  11. I like they way they just have to add in the bit about prices being 22% higher than FIVE years ago in that report.
  12. About 12 months ago I used to win at least £50 a month on a regular basis. Since then I haven't had anything at all. Has anybody else found this?
  13. To be fair if I was in the same position as them I'd do it as well. I would also be laughing my **** off about how I can pretty much do what I want knowing my company will not be allowed to fail by the government.
  14. I do have a worry in the back of my head that when pretty much all the UK banks are government owned crazy lending will begin again. Gordon Brown needs to get back where we were a few years ago and will do EVERYTHING to make it that way. They have just cut .5% - not for the economy but to get people borrowing money again!!!!
  15. Fair enough I say - if they can't afford to pay what they agreed then they deserve something worse than this IMO. If they couldn't afford it they should have never taken it on, it's no different to taking out a big mortgage in that respect.
  16. Interesting. I read only a few days ago Porsche sales were actually up. They were making a big thing about how strange it is despite the 'credit crunch' etc. I will try dig it out.
  17. As mentioned I think its part of the deal they cut. They get to skip competition laws but in return they must give out 95% to FTB's for X amount of time. It will probably be government funded or something as well so Lloyds have nothing to loose. That way Brown can say how things are changing etc and they are doing everything to help people.
  18. FP - do they pay you for it?? That might sound stupid but I really don't have a clue.
  19. Thanks guys. I've just had a quick look and on face value it looks like Abbey seem to offer some good rates. I might pop in tomorrow and see what they say.
  20. Slightly a side subject but if have £20,000+ in a B&B ISA, can it be transferred to another ISA with another bank or do you have to start again at £0?
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