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  1. Given the current information coming out about Barclays and the Co-op, where would you open a bank account if you were starting from scratch and why?
  2. I used to work for them and they don't have contracts like public sector workers, there is no TUPE and they already get paid less, quite a lot less than equivalent PS workers.
  3. Yes- we are looking to rent and have seen a place online in St Anne's/ Conham Hill area- does anyone know what it's like?
  4. Superted- I wouldn't necessarily say there are good deals in Worcester. There's a fair bit of ropey old housing stock with BTL landlords trying to rip off tenants. Plus there are hardly any private lets. Best agent in Worcester is Hills and the worst by a mile is premier places (I know lots of people who have rented from them and no one has had even an ok service). Worcester is like anywhere it's all about location, so to give you an idea, there is cheap accommodation to be found up the Tolladine road, round Wyld's Lane and the Arboretum these areas equate to Cemy Junction or the Oxford Rd
  5. Rents here in Worcester have risen about 10% in a year. Spoke to an agent last week and he said that if it wasn't for the rental market they'd be really struggling, so make of that what you will.
  6. According to this in the local rag prices are rising rapidly-what is less clear is whether this is actually being reflected in completed sales My link.
  7. Thanks everybody, useful feedback and it's made us realize we need to move and sooner rather than later.
  8. We have been in our rented house for 4 years, we rent via a lettings agency. Four months ago the neighbours from hell moved in. All night parties, noise, music, people coming and going etc, every weekend/through the night and some weekdays. Unfortunately they have bought the house so we can't go to their landlords. We are in contact with the council environmental health team and that is progressing (slowly). My question is: does anyone know if we have any recourse with the landlord or letting agent? I know it's not their fault, but I wondered whether they have any responsibility to tenants o
  9. I'm trying to find private rented houses and apart from the odd house in the paper there is next to none. Is it all the BTL using agents that is the problem? Going back a few years it was dead easy to find half decent landlords with places to let, nowadays it is next to impossible. I've rented with agencies in the past and they are very variable, when I've rented direct from landlords I've had no problems. Where do people look to find private lets other than their local paper and the odd ad in a shop- are there any websites?
  10. Premier Places letting agents in Worcester are absolutely appalling.
  11. interview with Nicole Foss Nicole Foss from The Automatic Earth on deflation, depression, individual indebtedness, peak oil etc.
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