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  1. 6 months is the current bet before they leave the Euro. 3 Greek elections before 2013 will only get 6/5 odds. Anyone remember this
  2. If things are going to rebalance then it won't be housing, everything possible has been thrown at that overpriced bubble but it refuses to budge. 1 in 20 or even one in every 30 year events are taking place but housing remains stable enough in the UK or even Greece. What does this 1bed 50sq/m 1975 apartment in a very rough area with high unemployment and regualr riots cost, http://www.foukis-realestate.gr/en/residential_property.asp €1500 sq/m If there is a rebalancing in the UK it's not going to be housing it will be the assets the UK sell off to keep the housing up. Same in Greece for example and it was the same in Russia in a different way where they asset stripped to try and give the poor a share, and the poor sold their share for trinkets which is how the Russian billionares were created.
  3. Male, 30, median full time income £28,400 £20,000 deposit £160,000 house price 25 years, repayment HSBC You could borrow up to: £39,000 deposit £121,000 at 85% LTV Mortgages 4.6/4.89% £800pm Would take around 6 years of bare bones living to save up £40K assuming they just worked and slept, then 43% of their post tax income for 25 years to repay the debt. Retire at 70 and be thankful you spent your entire life working to buy a 2 bed terrace outside London.
  4. I can 100% guarantee some council will put aside £££ for hedging but then get greedy and realise if they don't hedge and nothing goes bad with the weather, it's free money for more iPads, executive carpeting and outside catering. The Guardian headline is the sensationalist reporting, not anyone elses. Hedging on roads: councils bet on icy weather The soaring cost of gritting roads is forcing local authorities to gamble on weather derivatives
  5. Classic!, just need to board up the windows and the jobs done.
  6. I thought that people either had a maximum weekly rental claim as the top end, and the bottom end would be around the 30th Percentile of rents. £250 for a one bedroom property, £290 for a two bedroom property, £340 for a three bedroom property and £400 a week for a four bedroom property. OR Slightly below the local median. I can't see how this would result in someone being on the streets, they would require around £16K a year gross income just to cover the rent on a one bed flat (£250) paying 100% of their Net income each week. I hope the cuts also cover people getting help with their rent but working as well. Why should any government bail out companies who can't afford to pay their employees enough to afford shelter.
  7. Still up for sale, same price. http://www.sfr.ie/asp/property_View.asp?p=968 Since October 2010, will we see 2012? Anyone know what condition they are in after first fix and then left derelict for a year ?
  8. "If migrants have a similar employment rate and level of productivity to the existing average, a reduction or increase in population growth of 0.1 per cent would translate one-for-one to a reduction or increase in trend growth of 0.1 per cent respectively." = Wanted: More Immigrants To Boost Uk's Economy?
  9. I think the UK had huge shocks to the financial system, and it was on the gold standard, and it failed just the same due to leverage. People got worried about their money and so on.
  10. Or that people will stop trusting central banks, which would actually help a lot.
  11. "These central banks have agreed to lower the pricing on the existing temporary U.S. dollar liquidity swap arrangements by 50 basis points so that the new rate will be the U.S. dollar overnight index swap (OIS) rate plus 50 basis points. This pricing will be applied to all operations conducted from 5 December 2011" What anyone would have paid for this information in advance is unknown, Are we dealing with an out of control central bank situation? the final resting place for all that QE is no longer trusted. Might actually work.
  12. The landlord in this case has no interest or position of power over those voting for a Police commissioner. It's just like the old days. Although if he were not made Police commissioner I'm sure the locals would find it disturbing.
  13. I'm always suprised banks can say a property is worth £x based on a valuation that took place 5 years ago. And allowed to treat it as an asset for £x for regulatory purposes. I wrote to the FSA asking about AVM mortgages in particular but they failed to respond. They should be assessed every year with present values but it seems someone asked them not to, namely Northern Rock because it would collapse the "good bank"
  14. https://mninews.deutsche-boerse.com/index.php/ecb-paramo-if-need-do-more-liquidity-steps-we-will?q=content/ecb-paramo-if-need-do-more-liquidity-steps-we-will *Member of the ECB's Executive Board José Manuel González-Páramo http://www.ecb.int/ecb/orga/decisions/html/cvgonzalez-paramo.en.html
  15. The last thing the ECB want is people parking cash with them for 0.5% interest http://www.ecb.int/stats/monetary/res/html/index.en.html / Data on daily liquidity conditions (*)/ Overnight Deposits It's against the entire QE process, making it pointless.
  16. Usually immigration is spread out, so each person has dependents , family, parents or grandparents, children. But immigration; under the plan to ironically replace labour shortgages in the construction industry under Labour, has resulted in pre packaged 20-30 year olds, with no dependents, no requirements for security or housing and a willingness to work for minimum wage in return for leanring a language and not seeing it as a long term occupation but something they can do to avoid 50% unemployment (in their age group in their homeland in rural areas for example). As an aside, Outside the EU, The countries whose nationals (subject to immigration control) accounted for the largest shares of the 163,000 admissions for work in 2010 were: India (28%), United States (17%), Australia (10%), Canada (4%), the Philippines (4%), Pakistan (4%), New Zealand (3%), Japan (3%), China (3%) and Nigeria (2%). Together these accounted for 78% of such admissions. Number one for overstays is the US contingent but the Goverment ignore them for some reason, they also get to work without visas. Something to consider about moving to the USA, they also ignore UK overstays and Visa requirements, not in all cases but the blind eye is huge.
  17. Do Chinese workers have to pay >$1,000 a month in rent? They might be able to raise wages if they don't have feudalism to cover as well.
  18. Sorry I should have queued it to the important parts, basically we accept lies such as a Home is worth £250,000 because the lie is believable. It's not true and the collapse of several countires will testify to this but it is believable. 1:20 in Lying is cooperative act A lie has no power by it's mere utterance It's power emerges when someone else agrees to belive the lie I know it sounds like tough love but if at some point you got lied to, It's because you agreed to get lied to. Truth number one about lying, lying is cooperative act
  19. Any figures to back up 10 million or so less asylum seekers ( I thought it was about 12,000 or so) http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/science-research-statistics/research-statistics/immigration-asylum-research/asylum-aug-20111 Criminals on the run from Bulgaria and Romania ( as a % of immigrants how many are criminals) Refugees from Somalia ( presumably not seeeking asylum how many are refugees and why is being from Somalia a bad thing)
  20. It's a start, next minute it will be Chandeliers or Solar Panels or VAT on all Amazon.com, sorry IndigoStarFish? imports. http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/indepth/2011-11/08/c_131235678.htm
  21. I thought during that time, you being an eye witness and all, you would have remembered the vote on Scottish independence. based aorund the Oil? The many articles in Scottish papers about separating from the UK and the eventual result. http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=0#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&complete=0&tbs=ar:1&tbm=nws&source=hp&q=Scotland+north+sea+oil&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=b79e7cf5fdd41d7d&biw=1920&bih=999
  22. In the current "house/shelter/dwelling prices can never go down" economy this is a huge Depression style block to tax avoidance. What next, a real economic plan?
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