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    That is fair enough. Good luck.
  2. Beavis

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    Why would you assume that ccc ? Of course my reasons are self centred as are everyone's views on this website. I would still not wish a crash because of the pain it will inflict on people. Surely your opposite views to mine are as self serving ?
  3. Beavis

    Edinbugh Latest

    No fflump - wouldn't go on one of them shows if they paid me. Its sure to go down but by how much who knows? I am selling as moving abroad but activity and viewings been good so theres hope yet. Might have to rent out but cest la vie.
  4. Well i dont know if that is the case regarding Reporting Scotland, but the fact that your posting on a website dedicated to predicating a property crash kind of tilts your view and quiet possibly memory to one side. Regardless, what will be will be but surely the negativity and desire for a crash which will cause so much hurt and pain for people must be so consuming .
  5. So, any positive property news from any angle is all part of a conspiracy to keep prices up but any negative story is the truth and is to be greeted with plenty of back slapping and told ya so's ? Plenty of bewildered herd follower's here alright.
  6. Beavis

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    What are the predictions for flats at the top end of the market (upto 500k) in Edinburgh city centre / west end over the coming months?
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