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  1. The law is clear, I'm entitled to compensation between 1 and 3 times the deposit. The landlord is clearly in the wrong and a judge would have no choice but to award compensation. It's not simply a case of no win no fee solicitors. Shelter and the CAB are also pretty clear on this.
  2. Hi, my now ex-landord has well screwed up, not having protected my deposit for 7 years. I've got the deposit back, but there is still the issue that for 7 years it was not protected. So two questions: - any ethical reason I shouldn't take him to the cleaners? - has anyone used one of those no-win no-fee solicitors advertised on the internet (e.g. http://www.depositrecoveryclaims.co.uk/)to get compensation for lack of protection?
  3. If you had bothered reading these forums you would know what an idiot you are for wasting your money on an overpriced new-build. It's people like yourself with no-brains and too big a mortgage who keep inflating the bubble. Remember: Caveat Emptor.
  4. It's inevitable that London will become a desert if house prices continue to soar. In the same way as idyllic little villages are abandoned to 2nd home owners because no-one can afford to live there.
  5. You get a surveyor to tell you if you are paying the correct amount. The Estate Agent is the vendor's agent, hence it can be assumed that everything they say about the value of the house is a lie. I doubt anybody would be "self-deprecating" about their property, but they need an expert liar to lie on their behalf as some mild questioning by the buyer might expose their falsehoods. Estate agents have years of experience at making up stories on the spot.
  6. "necessary use of the deposit protection schemes" - necessary only on the part of the landlord. Not necessary for the tenant to agree to the arbitration scheme - especially given the way it is set up, still in favour of landlords (the whole point was to protect the deposit, as it was supposed to be kept by an independent third party; his all went to **** as soon as they introduced the "insurance" type schemes, which meant many landlords still kept the deposit.)
  7. "the deposit isnt protected" If this is the case the landlord can't evict you. Stand your ground, and refuse any increase.
  8. If you're Chinese or Russian and recycling dirty money, you don't really care if prices go up or down. 50% of dirty money recycled is better than 100% of money you can do nothing with.
  9. Too many of these cases happening. Remember that if you deposit isn't protected you can just stop paying rent and the landlord can't evict you.
  10. There seem to be a lot of landlords on this board. What you say is simply untrue. No-one has an obligation to use the dispute resolution service and are perfectly within your rights to do so, and will not prejudice any outcome; the court will base its judgement on facts presented to it, nothing else. In fact you are more likely to get a positive outcome from a court as the court is much more transparent in its way of operating. Remember you can't appeal the dispute resolution service. That is one good ground not to use them. If you withold your last month's rent you will have no need to go to court as you will have your money. End of.
  11. 1 - you don't HAVE to pay your last month rent. What is he going to do if you don't, serve you notice to quit? 2 - you don't HAVE to use the dispute resolution service if he witholds deposit, you can take him to the small claims court instead 3 - you don't HAVE to let him or his agent or anyone else in to either value, appraise, view, inspect, survey the house. It's your home and you have a right to peaceful enjoyment of your home. Again, what is he going to do, serve you notice if you don't let his agent in? The only way landlords will stop treating tenants like dirt is when tenants start upholding their rights.
  12. Have you contacted the Citizen's Advice Bureau about this? Don't believe what agents tell you.
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