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  1. I hate to be a killjoy as I would like prices to drop as well but if the banks start lending again as it looks like the government is wanting them to I think price drops will stop and dare I say it may rise.
  2. The article is chatting rubbish I went to Spain last week went to benidorm for the day the beaches were packed like in the second picture all the beds and parasoles at 5 euros a piece were taken was gonna go to the water park they was queuing at 9 am to get in at 40 euros per adult so didn't go there it looked to me like bussiness was booming
  3. Something funny there dont think for one minute she sold it.
  4. Wish i had the address like to see the land registry
  5. Just watching phil spencer secret agent ,women trying to sell her over priced place in bromley had over 50 viewings but saying she hasnt been able to sell because of the economic climate WTF!
  6. Well who knows but it wouldnt have cost 325 billion
  7. We have had low interest rates and qe for four years now and we are back in recession what make them think it will be different this time?
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