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  1. Haven't they just asked for 'financial assistamce" ?
  2. But It is not the only tiny home which has come onto Suffolk’s property market in recent years. In 2005 a home on Aldeburgh seafront with a bedroom measuring just 15ft by 7ft 10in was up for a staggering £250,000. I have a feeling this place has been built on a parking space, still a carpark surrounded by other plots....(parking bays)
  3. Sorry, that is 'effing funny. You sound like my old man.
  4. Is there any way ea's can be sued when proved to be lying ? We viewed a hse, told ea vendor was far too optomistic/deluded (asking would set a new top price for street) Bumped into ea later he told us above asking achieved, surprise, surprise.... months later property still advertised for sale. If you're persuaded to put in offer over phantom offer, where do you stand if you discover ea was lying ?
  5. I've had similar cr@p from a local ea, why is there no guidelines/laws to stop this lying ?
  6. I didn't want to pi55 on Sarahs bonfire but you are right
  7. Questionable whether half the back of a house removed and a conservatory added, masquerading as a kitchen diner or cinema in a "bankers bunker" is "an improvement' ? Certainly not an improvement I'd have made with my money.
  8. We're renting in Hackney, looking to buy Islington/Hackney, this is certainly true of what I'm seeing. Also fed up with overdone/extended properties with huge price tags. Can't understand why people expect to have their debt paid for.
  9. Recieved this yesterday, ea trying to earn Christmas beer money ?? "Hi, We have just taken to the market today a 5 bed, Victorian property. The property has been beautifully refurbished and is in a great location. Price is £950,000 There is some urgency on this one though – in short, the vendor needs to have an offer accepted by Friday 26th November. This is because they have found a property to purchase in Brighton which is due for final and best offers on Friday. Their offer on this property will not be considered unless they themselves are under offer. Our photographer is going in tod
  10. Sold begining of year with Foxtons, Islingon, 2.5% plus vat. Needless to say I paid them 10's of £1,000 in commission but they did pump up price.
  11. Are you one of those guys with tight jeans and pointed shoes ?? No doubt you feed the ducks in Vicky park.....
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