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  1. Tuition fees have not really changed as far as univerities are concerned. They make no more money than when fees were zero. All that has happened is that the government has stopped subsidising- students now pay the full cost. Or not, in most cases. The limiting factor is wages, not costs. You charge what you want over 9K as you won't get it back anyway.
  2. Footballer's salaries are absurdly high. Levels of pay in the BBC and Nationwide may or may not be stupid, but have no impact on enrollment of part-time students.
  3. Nobody in any University is paid vast sums of money, or more than private sector equivalents. Quite the opposite. They also have a FUNDED final salary pension scheme. As I said - ridiculous comments. As is typical, there is very little thought behind the memes being spouted here. Vice Chancellor's pay is high IMO. But not absurdly so. No more than private sector equivalents. We aren't talking millions or anything close. That's just one person in an organisation of hundreds. Why are you even talking about the BBC and Nationwide?
  4. Giving lectures to large groups is obviously very cost effective. Especially when a part-time lecturer is doing the teaching. However other parts of the curriculum are expensive to deliver, such as small group teaching, tutorials, etc. Also there are equipment and building costs (these get trashed), admin overheads, and other costs you might not see while lecturing. Some courses are also much cheaper to provide, and effectively subsidise others. Almost all UK universities operate on a not for profit basis, including the OU, making most comments on this thread appear somewhat ridiculous.
  5. This is one of the most despicable and self-centred comments I've read on this site. And that's saying something. You've really no clue at all have you.
  6. You think it is cretinous to be mathematically accurate? Ok. A couple of other points- 1. Where do you get 4.99r from? 2. It is not true that 60% of people go to university anyway, so there is no basis to suggest that a significant proportion of people with degrees are actually below average intelligence. 2. It is offensive to suggest that educating people with below average intelligence is "worthless".
  7. The fail is in the maths - see Frank Hovis' previous post. It would be correct if 52% of people were below average intelligence (which they are not). The "at least" part is true, but the OP already implied that.
  8. It's not close enough for a GCSE in maths. Let alone MENSA. But if you think it's close enough then I concede that a University education is worthless.
  9. So, you claim to have an IQ in excess of 140, state you haven't been to University, then fail to do a piece of maths my 10 year old daughter could do. A point well made, I'm sure.
  10. Higher education is usually a positive experience, both intellectually and personally. The problem is high tuition fee costs. So we pay dolites to sit on their **** all day playing Playstation 3, but if someone wants to go and study - yep that's £9K a year please! Nice plan to boost economic growth. Scrap tuition fees and shave a bit off the housing benefit budget - problem solved.
  11. Nothing wrong with the old Polytechnics at all. Similarly, nothing wrong with Hyundai - much better for most people than a Ferrari.
  12. Do you think that you can teach people to be ground-breaking or innovative? Not everyone can be a genius, by definition. Suprisingly here has been little mention of Turing on this thread - surely the greatest war-time innovator. A Cambridge man if I remember correctly.
  13. Too true. It is so hard to find good programmers. There just aren't that many.
  14. This is really true - the responsibility of a child is actually highly motivating and inspirational. The idea that you expend all of your efforts on child-raising, and so achieve nothing else, is based on the fallacious assumption that you are operating at full capacity prior to that, which is almost always not the case.
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