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  1. Indeed. The ******ing boomers have taken away hope from a generation. All young people should be protesting.
  2. I would recommend Meldrum Salter Edgley. V professional. Obviously don't go near Foxtons. Townends are also staffed by school children. I would say Seymours and Curchods are middle of the road and I would probably deal with them. Don't have an opinion on any of the others, and don't know any private ll. Things in Gford still v confusing. ANY 3 bed sells v quickly. There has been an oversupply of 2 bed houses on since xmas and nones are selling. Some have crazy asking prices. I don't know about flats?
  3. Prices are v confusing in Guildford. Anything GOOD and priced anything below peak sells v quickly. There are alot of good homes on for over peak (anything up to 20%) that do not seem to sell. I havn't noticed anything selling for over peak price (would nt surprize). I have noticed things selling for peak in Farnham. Bear in mind all these SSTC have not completed yet.
  4. Meanwhile over on pravda... "UK unemployment sees slight fall " http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8519647.stm Rosey rosey everythings fine.
  5. I am in SE. Am utterly depressed and totally disillusioned. I just can't believe everything I have learnt feels like it is wrong.
  6. http://www.reuters.com/article/rbssFinancialServicesAndRealEstateNews/idUSLN22843020091023 " LONDON, Oct 23 (Reuters) - The number of home purchase loans approved by British banks in September jumped 76.8 percent on the same month a year ago, a survey showed on Friday."
  7. Good Work LTB. In your opinion are the prices above below 07 peak? (I know it's difficult to compare because more expensive houses are unique). As is my example (previous page), will the banks now use these prices as benchmarks?
  8. It seems the spring bounce is over. I stand by the above and even a few more reductions coming on. Nice house above Mike. Does it interest you (at the right price), and if so what price?
  9. Only anecdotally... I have noticed that in the last 2/3 weeks the following during my searches of Gford and surounds (Farnham etc) the following... 1. Lots of volume coming onto market 2. Hardly anything going SSTC, there have been a steady stream since Feb (so 3m) 3. Not many reductions (not compared to last year anyway) Anyone concur?
  10. no. 35 also has a basement. (and possibly convertible attic - although I may be imagining this).
  11. The one that sold for £354k is a semi, not a terraced. Zoopla also says it has 3 beds, although it's difficult to know for sure. I don't know how typical this is for Gford as a whole. It has been so difficult to do research all of last year because there were so few sales. I generally only monitor central Guildford, but will let you know of any other decent nuggets. Prices went mental here from 99 - 05 (with 01 - 03 being REALLY MENTAL). We really need more sales pushing prices down.
  12. jm78


    Surely easily going to break through the 500k barrier. NEVER TO RETURN!
  13. I know many of you guys are looking at the top end stuff, but this might interest some people. No. 35 Cooper Rd (behind Mount Alvernia) was on sale last year (I think last spring) at £350k, was reduced to £320k after 2 months, then removed after another few weeks. Well this week a SSTC sign appeared outside. I have just looked it up on Zoopla, and it sold in March for £250k. Quite a drop in itself. The best thing however, is that many of these houses are very similar so it is easier to make comparisons. No. 33 sold in Sep 2003 for £250k. The houses are structurally identical, but No. 35 i
  14. I monitor many areas in Surrey. To be honest I am not seeing many reductions. The only reductions are on the real shitholes. It has been like this since Jan. There are a few going SSTC, and then less than a few changing again.
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