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  1. I smell the fear I I don't see the drops... all quiet on the Surrey front... Anything coming down in your neck of the woods?
  2. Don't overstretch or you may regret it for the rest of your life... If you can afford the repayments on 1 income at a stretch go for it. If not, wait.
  3. You won't be saying that when it breaks $22,000 an ounce
  4. The Mayans called it right, their artwork is filled with what historians believe to be soaring Credit Default swaps and bad bonds. Black 2012 is on!
  5. Interesting when you look at the correlation of the last set of peaks/troughs .... FTSE Peak: Q3 2007 / 6730 Nationwide HPI Peak: Q3 2007 / £184,000 FTSE Trough: Q1 2009 / 3530 Nationwide HPI Trough Q1 2009 / £149,709
  6. Exactly, any kind of forbearance will stop when the race to the bottom begins; the only thing keeping houses prices high is... house prices being high.
  7. I love how HPC.co.uk and ZeroHedge are becoming almost identical
  8. Mine has remained unchanged @ £695 since 2006; although they do appear to be getting silly on Rightmove
  9. What is the general consensus here, are we going to see a retest of the 2009 lows on the FTSE in the coming months~year? Also if we do see the retraction in confidence needed to get the FTSE back down to that level, will this finally translate into proper falls in house prices and another break through the 2009 lows? I believe we will see both within 18 months but would like to hear how others on here think this could play out.
  10. I had never seen the US Case Shiller composite plotted out until today, an uncanny likeness to our own HP Indexes! I was hoping they had fallen beneath its lows and would show a sign of things to come here, but it would seem they are very much where we are in terms of an HPC...
  11. Honestly not joking! Try catch a re-run if avaialble online... Poverty really does have a different meaning in the UK
  12. Did you notice the woman who was crying because "some days there wasn't enough money to feed her children" had leather reclining sofas and a 42" plasma TV!!!??? WTF
  13. Why? This (unfortunately) seems to be a fairly accurate assessment of yesterday's Halifax release.... Haven't you heard, the crash is off and I for one am off to buy a house while I still can. Oh wait I can't afford one :angry:
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