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  1. Finally some sense: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9999765/Council-tax-replaced-annual-payment-think-tank-says.html As most mps have multiple homes/BTL portfolios it will never happen, but one can hope.
  2. ten that I post, but after seeing this place I felt it deserved its own thread. Originally the site contained a large house and builders bought it expecting it to get planning permission to be knocked down into flats. But this was rejected and it was sub- divided into houses. The detached one sold quite quickly. But three others have been on the market for almost eighteen months. When they came onto the market they were priced very high and had to compete with detached houses. So they didn't sell. Thanks to cheap credit they've been kept empty since. Unfortunately the area has seen HPI thanks the policies of the government. Throughout the time on the market, the sellers haven't even been bothered to update the CGI photos. But now they have included a video: Checkout the video in the fourth panel: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/75027754#/media?activePlan=1 The first room they go in is a dining room but you would be hard pressed to fit a table into it. You then go into the through the galley kitchen into the lounge which has a toilet in it. It then pans out to the postage stamp sized garden. Also check out the size of the first room upstairs and the 'larger' 2nd room. This building is appalling and whoever designed it should be in prison: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/75027754#/ https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/75027976#/ https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/75112714#/ The larger ones look like they need finishing and one appears to have had a leak. The recent price drops would seem that they're now getting motivated into selling them. Good luck!
  3. My thoughts on a UBI. Set at £600/month per person index linked to cpi/rpi inflation. This is on parr with the state pension and can offset against it for government spending. This would allow a basic standard of living for two adults. Removal of tax allowances to offset cost. It would be available to people born in the uk and are 18 years old, also available to non indigenous people who have paid 18 years of tax.. This would prevent the entire world coming to Britain, and discourage people from having large families. To be released with a form of LVT. Set at 0.5% to replace council tax, and increasing for multiple home owners, empty properties and foreign investors. This would prevent the money flowing directly into property. How much would it cost? 50m (or less) people @ £600/month - 360bn/year. This would be offset be state pension (114bn?), reduced by the removal of tax allowances, and LVT. Although I like the idea of a UBI, it is a middle class sup. Low income families on benefits would be heavily affected by this. However there is evidence to suggest that UBI makes for a healthier population as the stress of money is relieved. Also it would allow people to be more flexible with work and spend more time with their families. It could also lead to higher wages? As more people choose not to work and companies have to be more competitive in hiring people?
  4. You're right, nothing at the moment, they occassionaly come up, but generally need a lot of work doing. There's one on Derbeyshire road south at 295k. Maybe the prices have moved up in the 'booming' market.
  5. We were fortunate to buy in late 2012 when the market was dead. Even so, every place we viewed had a boomer sitting tight in it. None of them willing to shave anything off the asking price, despite having been on the market for months. We saw a nice extended semi where the owner was bragging about how much their extension cost. We then looked up the sold price on zoopla and saw the 75k premium they were hoping to get after 2 years. Needless to say they didn't accept our offer. We were lucky to find a motivated seller. In hindsight we should've taken on more risk and gone for a bigger place. But we were cautious and underestimated that the props would last forever.
  6. Judging by the decor I would say they're middle age familes with kids about to fly the nest. Probably bought around the 90's to noughties.
  7. Hi I'm also in Sale as well :-) The market is horrendous at the moment. Before xmas the amount of properties in my search criteria dropped from around 110 to 80. These are the overpriced properties which are not shifiting. At the moment there are still only 83 properties. As discussed any decent properties are snapped up instantly, some going within 1 day of listing. 3 bed semi's (the bellweather of the area) are now going for 275k - 315k. Ones with extensions 350k - 450k. There are a lot of properties which are on busy road and are semi's and they're on the market for 600k? Lunacy. For that price i'd expect a detached and a large plot. I do think though the 400k - 600k market has ground to a halt. People are no longer able to trade up and the stamp duty is sizeable. As people are no longer able to move then the 3 bed semi's are being extended. There are lots of extensions and loft conversions going on at the moment. Lots of kite flyers hoping that the young family from london will snap up their overpriced property. Also a lot of overpriced new builds going up as well. One such development had semi's and terraces ranging from 600k - 750k. Large houses with tiny plots and incredibly one has sold. But as with other new builds in the area, the land registry is not updated, so price discovery is circumvented. If supply continues to be this low, then unfortunately I can see this continuing. And I'm sure the government will pump out more props. Sad times.
  8. I love they way they switch between the three indicies (monthly/QTR/YR) in an attempt to keep HPI. It reminds me of the phoney war before the last crash.
  9. Steve and Kim Carmichael, from Huyton in Liverpool, used to get £500 a week in benefits to look after their four children Neither of them have worked for almost nine years Mr Carmichael said he was looking for work So state largess encourages a couple not to work for nine years. And then they moan when its withdrawn. It sounds like the policy is working, getting people back into work.
  10. My council tax bill has arrived complete with 5% increase, £35 green bin charge etc. And then I look at the pension fund, it has a £226m deficit. £13m or ten percent of council expenditure was paid in last year. The choice is between reduced services or tax hikes. Where is the option to cap salaries and cancel the final salary scheme?
  11. In the US they've already acknowledged that people will try to mess around with automated cars. So they're looking at bringing in a 'cyber bullying' law. This would make it illegal to throw yourself under an automated car in hope of an insurance claim.
  12. Hi I've been keeping an eye on properties in the north wales area (rhuddlan, dyserth, prestatyn), and nothing appears to be selling. you have some properties which have been in the market for almost two years, with very little price reductions. Also a lot of new properties are starting to appear. I ssupect the lack of reduction is due to the age bracket of the area. A lot of boomers waiting to downsize, who will not accept less for their properties. And they don't mind keeping them on, till someone makes an offer. I agree that the median wages in the area must be very low, and that housing does not reflect this. It will be interesting to see the effect of any public sector cutbacks in the area.
  13. http://uk.tv.yahoo.com/blog/article/101420/ poached from TMF!
  14. I'd like to know what happened to the pub. I felt really sorry for the landlord. I couldn't really see any of the z tower inhabitants dropping in for some champagne.
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