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  1. We ae looking forward to this for a good old laugh. Guess she will gave her hands full trying to get them to play fair. She struggled with the mobile phone shops.
  2. I dont know where in the country you live to be getting those level of drops in prices. Where we are they are still coming on at asking prices that exceed sales figures for 2007! And in some cases achieving 2007 figures. As for following zoopla etc we do! and what amazes us on there is how bizarre their estimates of prices are. Regularly we notice how two identical properties are valued with a £30k difference. Yet there is nothing different about them! They are newish built properties that have had nothing structural done to them since new.
  3. I too am adding to their statistics - looking each day, both at the area where we want to buy, and also being nosy to see what is happening in other areas of UK where we have previously lived.... We look each day using both a computer and smartphone. The smartphone app on iphone has an error and does not show the SSTC properties - so to view those as well we have to use computer or access via web browser on iphone
  4. One of the two properties we have recently offered on, was in this situation, and has been rented out for past 2 years. For some reason owner we were told just wanted to get shut of it and sell, having had issus with last rental, and wanted income from sale for inprovements to their current new home. We made them a offer of what it was purchased for, but they have not accepted it and according to agent want and extra £5-7K , The now owners of this property were left it in a will. As chain free buyers we felt our offer on this one was very fair. The agent in question claim to have another buyer now, yet they have still rung us up and chased to see if we will increase offer. We are not able to increase offer. Hence we smell a rat with fact it has now only gone "under offer" not "STC" and still they chase us, as vendor really wants to sell to us and not other person in a chain?
  5. We have recently offered what was paid for property back in 2007 - a more than fair offer. Agent immediately told us that our first offer was unacceptable. A few days later we increased to the 2007 sale price. We have not yet heard anything further from that agent. The property in question had been on market for 12 months at same price. Agent tells us that our revised offer is still too low, and client was seeing something still with an 8-9% upshift on what they paid - and they have done nothing other than maybe apply a tin or two of emulsion to walls during the time they lived there (they have now moved out and property has been empty for a while) Today said property has reduced its price by 5K - and that is still making the asking price 11% more than they paid. We naturally feel our offer was fair. The property still continues to sit empty. In the vain hope that someone who apparently offered and had a chain fall through on them in November may come back - and the agent still feels it is worth what he sold the one next door for in Autumn 2010. (annoyingly the price of that one has not yet appeared on LR site)
  6. my understanding of this situation is thus: if you have not viewed the property with the agent, the agent cannot claim to have introduced you to the property. All the vendor has to do is take the property off the market, and they should be in the clear. The wording in the EA contract usually is something to the effect that: if at any time you exchange contracts with someone whom they introduced to the property then they can claim their fee. Take a situation where a property is on with multi agents. If you only view through one agent, that agent gets the fee - irrespective of whether 2, 3 or more agents may have given you a paper on it when you call into their offices. I am sure there have been cases that have gone to court, and the legal definition of introducing someone to the property was deemed as taking someone round on a viewing. If that viewing was 6-9 months previous and property has been off market and is then remarketed with another agent, and someone who viewed it 18 months or so ago, reappears, the original agent then has no claim on this.
  7. Watch and wait. We are likewise. Now we are victims of an illusive other party who have naturally offered higher than us and so put a property under offer. Agent gives us the bull $hit that it is now all in hands of solicitor etc etc. Yet he still rings up to see if we are interested and want to increase our offer... Nosays I Oh says he. The seller wants to do business with you as you are in better position to proceed that other party. Fine say I. He can fo business with me at my offer .... Agent hangs up and rings off ....
  8. Something near us has come back onto market again this year - with a different agent - and 10K more than it was on for until mid-Oct 2010. That is way over our budget, and far too large for us to even consider. Other properties in the less desirable areas of town are dropping their prices, very very slightly - by £2K on a £180K property, but on those there are still no sales either. A real stalemate everywhere here. Two agents who are being proactive to try and find something for us, just keep saying - and we can see by Rightmove - that nothing new (quality wise) is coming to market.
  9. We are in a similar situation to you. Funds available to purchase etc and nothing to sell. We have made offers recently on 2 places - and had them turned down to date. We have increased on both places, and still not biting. We are not in position to increase further on either of them. Our latest offers are 6% and 8% below asking prices. On one of them the agent has stopped whizzing round town in his liveried mini to call us and enquire if we are still interested in property and we said yes, but only at the offer already made, he then tells us that we are near too an agreable price .... but not yet.... He then rings us back a few days later as a mysterious second party (in a chain) have now offered higher than us. Fine I said. Let them have it. Oh, dont you want to increase says the agent. No says I ..... The vendor would really like to do business with you he says .... You are in better position than other person ..... They can do business with me says I, at the price I have offered. Oh well, if the sale falls through they may be back to accept your offer says agent. . .... Next day I calls said agent and reminds him, that my offer will not be valid in a few weeks time. If seller wants to sell to me, they sell to me now, not mess me about. It is no use them being greedy and going for higher offer, but from someone in a long chain, and then coming back to me as a last resort if chain fails. (As I understand it, the other offer is 5K higher than ours - which we understand is a fair differential for a cash buyer with nothing to sell versus a chained buyer.) Agent then tells me that if I reduce my offer they will definitely not sell to me at later date, and will rent it out again. Fine. Property now is apparently "under offer" and marked up as such. NB: We have been told by other agents in the same town, that our offers were very fair and reasonable. (One of the two who said this has been in the said property)
  10. This is exactly what happened to us 2-3 weeks ago. We offered, increased the offer and a week later had still not had anything in writing so we suspected something fishy going on - the agent who was driving round in his liveried company mini was obviously ignoring the matter of writing to us .... so we dropped an email to them and reminded them that we had not heard anything from them in writing in respect of the offer, and that the offer remained in place for a further few days. Whereupon 3 hours later a hand delivered letter arrived ...... We have still yet had no further response follow up call from the agent - and cannot contact the vendor either - and the property still sits empty and has not appeared on any rental lists again, and is not listed as sold etc. We are going to wait until 28 days have lapsed and then contact the agent at 25 days and say the offer will still stand for a few more days - ie to the 28 day mark and after that we will offer a different figure to reflect the monthly drop in market. If the agent is to be believed, we have been told that we are currently around 5-7k short of what they are after, but our offer is 6% below their asking price. If we get it, at the price we have currently offered, it would be the same as it was purchased for new at the peak. So we understand from speaking with a (now retired) surveyor that our price is more than fair for the market and in view of the property needing a complete redecorate throughout and some other minor repairs etc as a result of it having been rented out for over 2 years to at least 3 different rental people.
  11. Management companies are often notoriously slow. Some are better than others. One national company based in Hertfordshire manage blocks all over the uk and I have first hand experience of how they take WEEKS and months to even reply to asimple call/query when something needs attending too such as a dodgy door catch on acommunal entry door. That matter took 12 weeks to even get a man out to see plus afurther 8 weeks before it was fixed. I will name them - they were called CPM. And are now RMG. When you come to sell and need info from them it took my solicitor 8-9 weeks to get info needed from them. At this time of year they will be hopelessly slow as it is the time of renewals ie paying money for this year and your solicitor will have wanted accounts info for recent year in hand which they willnot yet have, as your solicitor will be trying to ensure last years costs are finalised as he will have to get a sum of money to be kept from your seller to protect you from amy late costs that appear - without thus being done you will be liable for costs incurred before your ownership. Rest assured last years costs can still be accrued for most of this year until they get finances finalised.
  12. Modern storage heating is very effective. Slimmer etc in the room and with thermostatic boost controls and convector boosters etc. Also you can get water filled radiators in a system akin to that you tend to associate as gch heating which are run off an electric boiler. That way you avoid need for annualservicing/ boiler check as it's a big emmersion heater type element in the tank.
  13. The only workarouns I can mention is if there are two conveyancing solicitors at the same firm. Then you can both use the same company. We have got round that issue twice this way. Once we used two in the same building. The other time we had to use someone at a different branch 3 miles away.
  14. we waited for a week for them to come up with the letter. As it had not appeared, we wrote stating that we had not received anything yet in writing from them in respect of the offer, and added that the offer only stood for a few more days - as we had said to them at time of making offer ..... very interestingly paperwork was then hand delivered within 2 hours of them receiving our letter Another 8 days have now elapsed and we have had no further contact from them at all.
  15. as others have said to me on here .... Hang on in there - they may come back to you yet. ( we are still waiting for some further agent contact though) Ifnot there will be another one.
  16. We have put offers etc in writing as well as verbally. Alas we have no confidence in that agent actually being any more active with it. Best advice is as others on here will also say - pit a date on it as to when offer expires. Also sent a copy to the vendor. We would love to make contact with two vendors but can't as properties empty - previously rented out etc - as we have no confidence in the agents being proactive to get sale negotiated. Our offers were same sa both paid in 2007 yet aparently greedy vendors want more!!!!
  17. We are in a similar situation - our figures are lower, and property does need a few bits doing to it as well, and property was left to current owner after a death; - and we have made an offer commensurate with purchase price in 2006/7 yet we have been told they want more than we are offering. This property is sat empty and continues to cost owner to leave it empty. This stupid owner had an offer last year which they declined, and now they seem to think that 9 months later anyone else viewing will offer the same.
  18. This is certainly true for us as well. Except most of what is on the market is retaining its 12-15 month old price tag.... and vendors (or the agents are pumping them too) still keep their expectations a tad too high.
  19. Trust me, if we could we would. Both properties are totally empty and we have no idea where the owners live. Property one: we understand was left to the current owners 18-24 months ago in a will, and was upto Nov 10 rented out. It is now empty and if agent is to believed, going to be left empty as they now just want to sell it...... (we believe that anyone viewing it, if it was up for rent again, would ask or expect it to be redecorated, as it has in our belief never been redecorated etc since new and the walls are well marked in places and other small cosmetic things need doing. Property two: is also now empty with the vendor having purchased another property and gone to live in that property. The agent handling this sale we also feel has an ulterior motive with it, in that he did get a sale agreed late last year, but it fell apart a few weeks later when that buyer lost their buyer etc. We feel that this agent is holding out for that other buyer in the hope they come back - as they had according to agent agreed a higher price on it than we offered.
  20. Exactly. This is why we feel rather pi$$ed off with the attitude of the two agents we are dealing with at moment. Neither of whom have called or followed up on us yet - but it has only been 8-10 days since we offered and they advised we needed/"could!!" go higher and the debacle began. We do walk past offices of both agents each day - not purely to be annoying - partly so that they may see we are still around but partly also as we are going shopping and about our everyday lives etc.
  21. Those words exactly echo the sentiment of the situation we too are facing, with vendors over two different properties we have offered and are waiting on. Both of which have been on market now over 12 months.
  22. it is damn annoying when agents are bringing or dragging anyone they can to view and often you can tell the people are not interested the minute they get in the door - yet to the agent it just implies they are getting interest in property aaaarrrrrr. Many years ago we were speaking to parents of a school chum of our son and they admitted to just visiting agents and arranging viewings to be nosy and see how folk lived, furniture they had etc. Fir us we have ajways had a major tidy up just before due visit time and it t is so annoying to be doing ut fir timewasters
  23. we have offered on 2 places with different agents. One ha a local old boy who is a one man band independent. The other is a franchised chain with liveried little cars. Think Italian job!!
  24. we can't contact vendor as property is empty now and had been let for past 18 months so if we do drop note through door we can't guarantee they get it and we would prefer if going direct route to talk to them
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