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  1. Our son has had a similar letter through door this week - claiming that the agent has a cash ready chain free ready to proceed buyer looking for something in this road ..... there are 3 properties in the road for sale - they were all SSTC a few days ago and are all now back on market ...... so why they want another one I dont know. What is up with this particular road at moment we are not sure. we are watching these 3 that have been sold and reappeared with interest. They are not what we want though.
  2. We have had nothing new whatsoever come to Market in our town anywhere at all in 8 days now. All that gad happened and that was last Friday - is one place that had been sstc for 4 days unsold itself and got relisted. Annoyingly that one - one we are interested in - isnow relisted and shows as new to Market etc etc. (which it isn't as it was coming up at end-Feb for it's first yearly birthday on rightmove
  3. nay. We are waving her to stew. We think if she does get agents round to price it up etc they will tell her what we unserstandthey told someone else trying to sell a 5-bed place within a year .... That it is barely worth now what was paid then .... We can see them trying it on with the advertising and marketing this 2- bed place at 240k again like it was last year however 2 agents in our town gave told us that the next door property (been on Market over 2 year at 255 250 and now just down to 248) is very overpriced and needs marketing around 228 mark .... Ao it will be interesting to see what if anything thhs woman does. We think if she does really want to sell and quickly and privately so soon .... This is her cheapest and best option
  4. they're probably just struggling to tap and upwrap their chocolate orange
  5. For checking prices I too use rightmove nethouseprice zoopla mouseprice.com. I too have always got into some infernal mess on the actual land registry site and it asks me for money and gives nothing for free - and that was with having googles land registry sold prices + postcjde of desired area
  6. What's for you will not go by you. Is the words in English. It just means that if something (anything) is meant by destiny or fate to be planned or by some other opportune means meant to be the right thing for you either as a sale or a gift - then it will Happen and you will get it and fate willnot bypass you so If a house comes up to Market and fate or destiny Intends this to be the one you get at the right price etc etc then you will get it. And that presumes that fates timing is right.
  7. not at all. At those prices I'd expect to see them come down in 25k chunks. It's the same as stuff around the 250 mark only coming down 3-4 at a time. We have always known that jf you are going to reduce it needs on around 250k stuff to be a 9-11k drop to make it noticeable given how people make offers whatever you do anyway
  8. I don't know honest answer. I only know that an agent we are dealing with claimed to have higher offer than ours and pressed us to increase and said vendor really wanted to sell to us etc etc ... We did not bite at this so they apparently accepted the other slighttly higher offer that was apparently not in as favourable position as ours. ... Property gets marked up as sstc. Agent still rings us to see if we want to increase ???? ( which part of NO does he not grasp????) After 4 days another neighbouring property comes on Market at a stupid price and this one comes back to Market. Agent has not been in touch now for 12 days ... He's probably due to pester us again anyday
  9. The best I had seen before was going with 5 agents..... As for your question does everyone look at sold prices - well I have to share this. We do. Today we offered on somewhere and this time we were able to speak to the seller. She/they had bought place in august 2010 and now want to sell. We viewed it 12 month ago before they bought. They negotiated 20k off price and it was then a reasonable offer etc. We offered her a very generous sum slightly more to allow forcthe fact it had been nicely repainted neutrally throughout. but she was expecting something nearer 240 as an offer. Anyway she has now cone back to us and her tone implied that she was upset that we had scrutinised her financial affairs She was most upset that we knew her financial affairs and knew the price she had paid....
  10. We are currently also trying this plan of attack. So far 3 people have contacted us - one is already on market with another agent and we told him direct that we felt he was overpriced, based on conversation we had had with the agent, who said this as well. (property has been on market for 3 years and vendor attitude is if someone wants it at THIS price we will sell if not leave it on agents books......) - we also do not like that particular property; another which was sold 6 months ago - asking then 240 and achieved 220 is now wanting to sell again, and has said to us that agents have valued her property at 240+ and she wants that price. We are leaving her to stew for a while and see if she markets with agents. When she sits on market which she probably will as it sat on market for months before she bought we might make her an offer but not yet for a while. The third we have yet to go and view. He has not yet stated a price so it will be interesting to see how he values his property and what he wants relative to what agents value it it.
  11. We certainly are finding this in our town..... (and the area we are looking). Some idiot has just put another property in our right location etc - up for sale. It is listed on LR as having been sold for £225K in Dec 2006, and the agent has it on market for £279,995...... And there has been nothing done to it. We have not viewed it yet and are not going too until it comes down in price, - which it probably will as others in the same row, where we have offered started off at this price 12-15 months ago and one has now come down to an asking of £250 but are still pegging at trying to achieving very close to this.... only because we are told, they had an offer of 250 8 months ago which they turned down (being greedy) and think anyone else coming along will match. We wont match it, we cant.
  12. this is pretty much what I was going to have said as well. It is exactly what everyone is saying to us at moment as well. We are being patient but we need our own home and it is as we know only too well .... Very darn frustrating to be polite.
  13. Musicman well done. If only we could get such deals further round in the south central area. We can but wait and hope and remain optimistic. If only we could find a motivated seller wanting a realistic price!
  14. We have had 3 replies in 36 hours. One claims to have had agents round and got valuations of over 240k. They paid 220 in august 2010!! That property was marketed at 240 this time last year as we saw it then, and she paid 220 but all she has done is repaint.... Another replied to us but he is on with an agent and we viewed with agent last June. Not interested in that one. Another call tonight but no idea of his price expectations other than he seems to be sounding silly and hasnot talked to agents etc yet and claims no idea of what it is worth. Think our problem with this approach could be in getting agents stupid over high valuations to get the business off the owners in first place then transferred back to lower reasonable values to start negotiating from. We fear some agents will be giving high valuations to win business rather than reasonable achievable valuations....
  15. Everything said here before this post I can only agree wholeheartedly with. This all just sums up everything we have been through with agents in past 4-6 weeks. Property 1 went under offer and then sstc. - yet agent rings up to see if we want to increase our offer. NO. property 2. Weve been given the twaddle that another property sold for z so this one is worth x. And my offer was just laughed at cos of that - yet property in question remains unsold despite apparently having being sold in november then sale fell apart andnow sits unsold and available for sale and our offer was laughed at....
  16. that is true. we however are not offering at such high prices. we have held at the 2007 sale prices and are holding there for two reasons - one that is all we are prepared to offer, and second, both properties we would have to spend some money on. Hence we factored that in.
  17. there are an awful lot of very silly vendors out there still. In mid-Jan we offered on 2 places - and later this week probably add a third - which are still asking 2007+20% prices. one of the ones we offered on has now reduced by nearly £5K but that is still ludicrously more than vendor paid in 2007 for it. The agent for that one seems adamant that he will achieve the now asking price for it..... The other one - had an offer from someone else mid-2010 of £250 which they refused ..... and now are holding out for that figure from anyone else. We have offered them what was paid for it in 2007 and it has again been refused. It did go SSTC 10 days ago, and is now back on the market again. We think that was a fishy sale agreed, as the agent handling that one chased us again last week to see if we were still interested and wanted to up the offer, we said no..... it is as I say back on market again and sitting empty and costing owner money as it now a second property they own (having been left property when someone - one of their parents - died 2 year or so ago). We are still waiting and being optimistic. We have now decided to try and be proactive ourselves - and done our own marketing campaign and pushed leaflets of our own through a lot of doors ourselves asking if people want to sell to contact us direct.
  18. They are a law unto themselves are EA's. Put in an offer you are happy to pay ( or start point towards) . When they put such trite as offers in excess of .... You can but only try an offer below that and see. If been on Market a while etc they will have become aware that no one is rushing to offer in excess of you tahe your chance make your offer and like me and many others sit back and watch and aphantom buyer will inevitably crawl out of woodwork with a better offer, it'll go stc for week or 3 and then come back on Market and languish ..... We've been there with 2 properties before and are now still in middle of such a debacle with 2 others.
  19. We are not in a position to offer any higher on this place. It needs a few £K to put right and put it back to the condition in which it "might" then be worth the figure they are currently pushing for. NB: the SSTC on it has this morning been removed. It is now back on the market. Curiously another property nearby has come on the market in last 24 hours. That too has been rented out for ages . . . . it is priced a lot more at moment - so we expect to see £10K+ off it in 2-3 weeks. Floor size wise - it is just slightly larger than the one we were offering on - but not "that" much to make its initial asking price such a lot more. . .
  20. This has happened to us in last 2 weeks too. Somewhere that had Been on Market since this time last year we offered on and would not increase on and made clear our offer was final offer ad we needed £££ to make good rdecorate after tenants etc. After 2 weeks agent chased and asked if we could Increase as were near a deal. I said no. It was final offer. Property has now apparently gone Stc but we smell a RAF as agent has been back twice telling us vendor reallly wants to sell to us and not other person in a chain. We have ignored agent and are walking away ... Waiting for something else we can afford.
  21. We fear it is going to be a long while before we get the type of property we want in the area we want at the price we want. A lot of people in the area we are specifically looking at are second homes and/or people who are now just content to rent them out and/or only sell if they can get stupidly inflated (2007+10% still now) prices. Most of the property we have looked at in the last 6 months has needed a good tidy up and redecorate because of the shabbiness they are in due to being rented out and walls/woodwork getting knocked about. Nothing serious but nevertheless needing attending too. As I have said in many other posts - many of the properties on the other side of town are dropping but they are not in the same league as the side of town we want. The divide is just getting larger.
  22. Pleased you have had a successful outcome, but I can appreciate - and do know - having been on receiving end of such issues before ourselves - it takes a lot of effort and frustration to pursue.
  23. By all means ask and see if you can get a discount off the maintenance charges. Nothing ventured nothing gained. However what they are this year is by no means a guarantee of what they will be next year. When we were in leasehold a while ago - they went up and up each year. We were in a large block with lift(s) and communal gym and other stuff that we did not want - yet had to agree by way of lease to contribute towards maintenance and upkeep of. Whilst I do not want to sound a harbinger of doom - there is probably a get out for the estate agent in that they dont guarantee any of the information in their particulars - in that it is down to the solicitor - especially with regard to the lease, ground rent, maintenance etc to check out these items for you. I am not an EA nor am I affilited to one in any way. I am just someone who has been there before and been on receiving end of such scant information myself, and the (usual) consequences of it.
  24. we are in the same boat as you. something we offered on has nowapparently got another offer and despite being under offer apparently to another person agent still chases us to increase as vendor would prefer our business!!! We won't increse (can't) yet still they chase us despite now having another buyer and telling us it is in hands of solicitor. We smell a rat with agent. We have walked away from this one now.
  25. I can only concur with this sentiment too. Decent areas around us are still asking and achieving loopy prices whilst the grotty areas of town are falling in price and creating a stupid divide which was never present previously. We just need the drop from one end of town to filter through to the other....
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