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  1. For me too -I do a daily if not twice daily or sometimes more trawl of rightmove, zoopla this site, some agents specific own sites, etc etc ..... and most days find some need to check a sold price or sites guesstimatevalue on a proprty somewhere as well. So when rightmove reports x,000 viewings in "this area" last month ..... I alas am contributing well towards that total
  2. We looked at our last home and saw it listed with history. On viewing the history the data in it is not for our old home at all. All historical info relates to another property in a neighbouring street. The only similarity is they share the same property number (37)
  3. New builds definitely show up. When you look at listings they specifically say or indicate when it is a new build.
  4. Three of the agents in our locality are running with a member of staff less than they had 12-15 months ago. One is a national chain the other two are local area agents with a number of offices in a 10-20mile radius.
  5. a fitted kitchen generally does not automatically include the appliances unless they are mentioned in agents details. It is a general rule that they are usually included when trey are fitted ie integrated rather than freestanding items. Bathroom accessories are also debatable and this is why they come up on the fixture fitting form. And as a seller it pays tospell out in detail what you are leaving by default and what is not included
  6. Yes I would be tempted to ask for a discount towards cost of damp work. You may be lucky. The Worst case is seller can only refuse claimng you have a good deal already. As for cooker look out for one from freecycle or from a local free-ads if it is cheap or free and works it should tide you over till you get kitchen done
  7. We offered on somewhere back in January and agent claimed they may accept the offer in April or May .... If they do come back to us on that one we shall certainly lower our offer by 5K at least.
  8. This time last year we were considering a new build on a development by Barretts. They offered us a "deposit payment builders incentive" on the purchase, (where by we would have paid say 250K and they would have coughed up 25K (leaving us then to find the stamp duty)...... so that the sale was recorded at a higher price at Land Reg. Needless to say - we having investigated property itself more fully - did not go through with it - primarily because we felt the size of the rooms in the place were so small and as there was not enough space to get much more than a bed in the main bedroom. . . . and not enough room for most of our living room furniture - not that we have much but we felt this was taking "minimal" a tad too far.
  9. We did a leaflet drop ourselves to a specific number of properties that we would be interested in ..... We had some response to that leaflet drop - and one of the people who replied was at the time not on the market. The property was not "ideal" hence we are still considering it and the cost of work needed to bring it back up... in meantime that person has now put property on market with an agent. We are still biding our time - as it has been advertised higher than it was bought for back in 2007 .... and it is in nowhere near the condition it was in back then - (current owner admitted that when we looked round and discussed condition of kitchen....) as it needs work doing in kitchen and throughout. We have not spoken to the agent now handling the sale - other than to take his call when he rang to tell us he had a new "hot property that would suit us" .... .. We do at least have a trail of messages etc between us and the guy who owns property, that pre-date when the agents were instructed to show we were talking to him before he marketed it with agent. (we also wanted to wait until it was marketed with agent to gauge where to offer - as the initial conversation over price was that the owner sensibly acknowledged the market had fallen - and that a fall where he was selling would be reflected in the price where he was moving too.... yet when he gave us an initial price for a private sale he managed to increase his price above what he had paid - despite condition - a week later he seemed to have forgotten the conversation he had had with us over possible price levels once he had had 2 or 3 agents round .... ..... So we have not given up on him we are just biding our time and treading water for a week or two . Said seller has contacted us today to see if we are still interested in his property - so he seems keen to sell - just needs to be realistic on his price then we might bite.
  10. Remember as well that agents also overprice with aview to someone coming in with an offer. Whenever in past 20 years we have sold we have always had to reduce price after a few weeks and then take a few K under that to seal a deal. It is all relative. What havethey said to you about the price you can realistically achieve versus your asking price
  11. Near the yacht club and in the centre of village where a lot of yachties also have their second homes .... we are getting a lot of new stuff come on. They are all in the 400k for a 2-bed terrace... and 500 - 600 - upto 800K for larger town houses in similar location. They are starting to flood that small enclave of town.... Yet in the nicer "standard" areas we are finding general housing is going SSTC / Under offer for a week or less and then coming back on and getting fully relisted. The prices here are staying pretty static at 2007 levels. Over in the grotty/rougher areas, and areas which are a little out of town where you have got to use car/bus to come in all time if you need to get shopping home etc .prices are falling and some of those are selling and going through. A lot of them are in need of kitchen/bathroom/boiler etc makeovers and general redecorates. You can tell they have been occupied by older people just by photos coming up of them.
  12. despite their poor photography - the bathroom and kitchen are nice and clean and together. It jsut amazes us what poor photography some agents produce - not bothering to move simple items of clutter out of way to try and make photos better and more appealing - like a shot of a bedroom with clothes everywhere ..... or kitchen worksurface cluttered with the junk that you generally leave at the corner ..... but anyone who wants to make a place appealing for a valuation/viewing/brochure shot - makes the effort to just stuff away even if it then comes back out once viewing is over....
  13. We have always found that whatever price ceiling we give to an EA they always produce a few more out of the draw that are 10-15-20K over that ceiling. Then as they hand them to you and ask your initial thoughts they often add the comment "we will give you this one - it is a little over the figure you have just quoted .. but they are willing to take an offer/there may be room for manouver in price" Hence if we are looking or when parents/brother were doing so in past the approach we tend to use is to give a figure that is well below what we really have available because we know they will produce others for us - and by them getting the higher stuff out draw as well - we always then were able to say .... it is a little over our budget .... to help get price down before we start - not that we have always managed it - but thats that.
  14. Prices might be doomed and prices might be falling in some places. However "decent" parts of many towns remain unchanged and high. Looking at other towns further along coast prices are pretty much unchanged such as in Lymington, Hamble and some (decent) parts of Southampton and Portsmouth
  15. Sadly different parts of uk and indeed different partsof the same town are faring very differently in this Market. The section of town we want is holding up a 2007+10% flag and in some cases (annoyingly for us) easily still achieving that level of sales as nice properties in sight of cliff tops etc are holding up well. Yet a 10 minute walk jnlandand it us another story altogether with prices dropping all over and people reducing regularly.
  16. No need to aplogise . We have not moved anywhere in last 2 months to be honest... Agents claimingcabsolute crap which they reported to. Us .... And teen sales fell throuth .... So we wait and watch ...
  17. We've not tried to see .., but then we have reached a stage in life where we are downsizing to something small enough to keep family and kids from visiting and stopping over ... And consequently since I was made to take a forced early redundancy/retirement ... Now want somewhere small enough for 2 of us that we can buy outright
  18. We too are in the "prices in our area also ... have got to drop soon" camp.alas we seem to. Be on one of the southern end of mainland towns wfere prices in the nice part of the town are holding their end up too strongly. However we watch and sit tight knowing the cash which hs in the banks is not making much interest ... But it Is also not depreciating Out time like yours willcome ... Just be patient
  19. We have noted that their estimates are very unreliable as they have no real idea of the condition of a property internally or whether property now has integrated appliances in kitchen. Some in road we are considering have integrated appliances and some nothing. Also some with sea views are lower priced than smaller properties in the road behind ...
  20. This is standard practice and you would see terms to this effect in a contract if you were on the other side of fence as a seller...
  21. yes that was featured on one if the tv consumer programmes on the BBC. I recall the story but not name of program. I do recall a posse of female reporters investigating/presenting the features
  22. if you want to offer on it - offer on it what it is worth to YOU. Only you can see exactly what work has actually been done and the standard to which it has been done and finished off etc. Only you know what your feelings are to living on this street/road rather than another one - maybe nearby? All those emotional factors and many many more will/do have a little bearing in the overall price YOU are willing to pay. We can recite a similar experience last week when we viewed a property that someone bought in mid-2010 and paid 220K for, (asking then was 204K and we did actually view it 12month ago). The new owner has had to deal with a bit of shrinkage around doorframes and ceilings. They have redecorated and dealt with some of this but not all. They now seem to think that they are instantly worth 240+ again. The identical layout property to them next door has been on market for over 2 years priced at 255-250 and now 245 (been at 245 since mid-Nov-2010) and still that gets no takers!) .... The agent handling the next door property admitted to us 6 weeks ago that it was still "rather optimistically priced in current market" ... .. I think that says it all for both of these properties in our area.
  23. we've got one in ourtown offering the energy inefficiency chart assessment thing for FREE on all new instructions in Feb
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