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  1. Most reputable agents - there are some- automatically stop advertising in papers and handing details etc out once a property is sstc and while they leave it on right move etc they stop all viewings etc and just keep a list of people who show interest so as to contact them if sale falls through

  2. Agreed, a direct link to the land registry entry for the house. You can find this out at the moment but it's a lot of hassle, going on Google streetview, finding the house and number, logging onto the land registry. The whole point of computer databases is they should make this information available. It's all in the public domain anyhow, so just list it and make everyones life easier.

    Totally agree. Also listing the date and history of property on the site - ie date of when it was added and any price drops

  3. Had similar situation last year, would we raise out offer to match the other one, seller preferred us (ah! isn't that sweet) we said 'no let the other people have it'. This was last Oct and guess what it is still not even SSTC never mind 'SOLD', it never went SSTC either. No offers for months and months and then two come along within hours.

    Substitute times dates as for Jan to march 2011 and that story totally echoes us as well and property still not sstc we looking at

    We've got an interesting one today we asked to view and were told got to wait and it could be done in 6 -8 weeks

    time once tenant gone

    We asked why not sooner but busically- the tenant is bring awkward and agents don't want to upset him so they want to wait till he goes in 6-8 weeks Tthey assured us property is definitrly for sale and on Market though. An hour later they had delisted it and it had vanished off rightmove

  4. Yep teddybear sadly there is not much work on island a bit of tourism in summer and a while back a few industrial eng firms but sadly most gone now.

    There is a small hospital butanything major is referred to pompy or soton. Oh. And a large prison

    As for tinternet ... Wifi exists in marina at cowes whhchwe use but as for residential wired into home stuff I got no idea on speeds etc

  5. I feel like spending an hour on monday phoning random EAs asking them about long listed properties on their website, sounding really interested and then just saying it's only 100k over priced and do they think the vendor will take much longer to drop to a realistic level. I reckon with some practice it'll be an easy job to get them really worked up. Might be worth recording the conversations :lol: I've got plenty of inclusive minutes left.

    I was actually planning a ring round as a couple were watching have both knocked 10k off. But in our view need to knock another 20-25 off then we might be interested. We may Try the what Will they now accept ploy and then say what we'd likely offer and if there was any murmour of hope we mhght then do a viewing...... But agents are being too stupid in this area still and believe all will sell next week as it's a busy weekend (my ar$e is it ... A busy bloody weekend).....

  6. Try E. Berks and N. Hants. Perhaps not as much as 20% but def. up on 2007 "peak".

    So many people on here are talking about falling sales where they live. Not round here. :(

    mid and south Hampshire is also very buoyant in the nice areas ie on coast and in decent hamlets ...yet in some other rougher areas of Southampton Portsmouth and winchester prices are falling whilst in Hamble bursledon and other sailing towns villages Prices are loopy. Likewise central pompy is holding up yet central Southampton some isstruggling and dropping and also some of the less desireable parts of towns down here

  7. We've had a basin full of frustration and stupidity from a branch of a chain where they drive round in minis....

    We have two other independent local agents who aresoniceand friendly and genuine abd helpful towards us we just wish one of them would get a suitable sensibly priced place for us. Problem is because they are sensible and accept Market has fallen they are generally not getting the instructions. They are mostly going to the wan--rs in the minis with the hair gel who talk out their ar$e

    edited 4 spelling

  8. We have been watching a few properties for a while now - one of which would be for our son - and this is one of them.

    It is a 2-bed first floor flat in a block that was built in 2001/2002 and was sold new by the developers mid-2002.

    What I would be interested in from those of you who are more expert than I, is what would be realistic price for it now. Plus some advice on possibly what lies between the floors? ie concrete or just hot air!

    Some facts about it.

    Purpose built first floor flat in a block of 9. Total floor area is pretty accurately around 64-65 square metres.

    2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms - one is an ensuite, open plan kitchen/dining area with balcony and if you step out onto balcony then and only then you can then see the sea and anything sailing past. Plus two parking spaces. The kitchen area is nicely appointed and it has all integrated appliances.

    The property sold from new in 2002 - so was built in 2001/2 and has not been resold since, nor have either of the flats above or below. (2 others in the block have both changed hands twice - they are much larger and have a full sea view so when they resold on last occasions one went last time for £230 and the other for £243 - however I realise we are not comparing like with like with this property as it is on other side of block from those - yet agents would pretend we are)

    When the property we/my son is interested in sold from new it went for £161K in April 2002.

    It has now been on market since January 2010. At that time it was marketed for £235 and has since had reductions downwards and is now asking £199,950.

    What I would be grateful for is any advice on what it realistically might attract now. (I know it is only worth what someone will pay!) We told him to aim for and hold out around the £180 mark. Obviously we would like it still under that if possible.

    We are concerned that the block could possibly be noisy though because it was built before the latest sound and noise regulations were brought in. We think from walking around that the floors - are hollow and we cannot find out if there is infact concrete between the floors - someone else said to my son that it was a timber frame construction and as such has no concrete between floors just a secondary layer of plasterboard. Would or could that infact be the case and be true?

    I would be very grateful for any sensible replies and thank those who can take time to reply for doing so.

  9. Yet I hear a new Barratt development in that area is only selling two flats a month , they have 500 to sell so it is going to take them 20+ years at that rate .

    We've got a barratt development near us in boscombe Bournemouth. They been selling em for like4 years already and loads still to sell straight off from new ..... Plus a ton more back on Market as resales

  10. usually the solicitor for the seller writes to the management company and requests a large package of information which the seller generally has to pay for - and in that package there will be the last 5 years of accounts information, along with a lot of other information that they are required to collate. This information is then passed over to the buyer for them to consider.

    That has always been the case with any leasehold property that we have owned, at the time of coming to sell it on.

    There has always been such information made available to us when we have bought a property - again as part of the package of information that the solicitor acting for us, has requested of the seller.

  11. I was talking about the Hythe near Folkestone in Kent not sure which one the OP is talking about now!

    there is a placecalled Hythe near to Southampton. It is across water fromsouthampton near Fawley oil refinery the onlymajor employer in area apart from the docks 10 mile andanightmare drive away like southmpton is from Hythe

  12. I have noticed on the list of sold prices that both Rightmove and Mouseprice have - a property near us which sold in December and then appeared on the sold prices lists last month (ie recorded data to end of January lists) ... has now disappeared.

    Can anyone have their property removed from these lists once it has been added? Or

    can an agent request that it be removed? (the agent who sold that one might have a particular interest in it not appearing as he is trying to keep prices in area up!!)

    or is there something other and more mysterious happening.

  13. Mdl who have a number of marinas have a marina there that they run in much same way as they do throughout south coast. We are other side of water - Hamble river area but have taken boat up to Hythe in past. Around the marina are some nice properties when they come up they go very quick and are immune to price falls... recent they appear to be holding up we'll they start from 360k for a small flat to over 1.5million for a 4 bed....

    At the other end of the town there is a development that was built 10 year ago now. It is private and social housing all mixed in together. to get to the private housing you have to drive all through the social stuff

    we considered it back in 2000 when new but went further round into Hamble river area as it provided better shopping links abd more shops locally abd easier to access than the other side.

    When we last went over and moored up for night we walked through town/ village. And found not much there in respect of essentials for shops unless you can travel and go into Southampton. That is fair run in car or on bus everytime you want M&s or other shops. Hence we went other side of water where there are much more frequent buses and better links and more choice in supermarkets etc

  14. Strikes two, three and four.

    3 bed flat on for £305k since June 2010. Reduced to £295k in Jan 2011, so possibly a vendor with some motivation to sell. I offer £245k. Declined by vendor and goes 'under offer' shortly after.

    3 bed flat on for £299k since September 2010. I offer £245k. Declined by vendor and goes 'under offer' shortly after.

    3 bed flat just put on for £295k. I offer £245k. Declined by vendor and goes 'under offer' one week after listing.

    I think it was Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    I'm now looking at two bedroom flats. These are a bit smaller than I'd really like (60 sq m) but should fall within my price range. The problem is they're all listed with the EA that I've been making the above offers through, who now knows the maximum price I can pay and will doubtless use this when I start making 'cheeky offers' on the 2 bed flats.

    I'm open to suggestions!



    I can totally understand your frustration. We too have made offers on places that have been on market for over 12 months. Our final offers were within 10%-12% of asking prices, and on a par with what they were bought for back in 2007 time.

    Miraculously everything we too offered on went under offer or STC days after we made offers. Likewise we feel frustrated that the agents know our ceiling and are holding us to it for any other properties we now look at, despite us commenting on the condition of others and work needed and the prices paid (mostly back in 2006/7) - ie the latest we have seen needs work such as replacing a kitchen despite being only 9 years old, and the sale we feel on that needs to be under the 2007 sale price to allow us to do that and get it back to a fair standard.

    The other problem we have is that all the agents in our town know the property we previously owned and what we bought/sold that for... yet we have had to remind one particular agent (who reminded us of what we sold for) of how market has changed since we sold that (sale agreed Nov 2009/completed Jan 2010); and they all sit there in their offices and try to dismiss us when we respond with their "this property is worth more, it is worth xxxxx".

    What we sold for is not really totally relevant it is what we are prepared to pay and what they are willing to try and get their vendor to see reality at in the current market.

    We also are getting frustrated.

  15. Whenever we gave sold ..., the agents commision that we have always paid has been calculated based on the final price that it goes through at.

    So when a bad survey resulted in a 2k drop onceVa good few year ago the agents potential pot was also down by a few quid.

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