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  1. Fair point. Bloody immigrants! I will try a simple example: I buy share X for £10.000 and sell it for £11.000. I reinvest in Share Y and sell again for £13.000. Reinvest again in share Z and sell for £14.000 etc... At the end of the financial year I have £5.000 profit but have sold assets for a total value of £60.000. Do I have to fill in a Capital gains declaration form? cheers Jan
  2. Nobody knows the answer to this? makes me feel a lot better about my ignorance
  3. Hi all, I am currently trading shares and make a small capital gain under the tax free allowance of £10000 but you have to declare it when you sell an asset over £40500. You easily reach that if you are buying and selling in this volatile market. What is the asset price here, each sale on its own or the combined value of the sold shares? Can you deduct the amount you reinvest? Any light on this would be appreciated cheers Jan
  4. So now comes the next question: what banks/financial institutes would you recommend to rent a safe from?
  5. thanks, that makes me feel better :-). That are a few examples of misconduct but it seems this is not very common though. I think it is more likely to get burglars over the floor
  6. I know there is a general concensus here that you should keep your gold and silver at home but I have had complaints from the other half that it is not safe... What are the risks of a safe deposit box? and if the negatives are not too bad, can anyone recommend a bank where to park my precious metals?
  7. but where do you get them in quantities though? I am way past my ebay age were I enjoy watching the clock tick by hoping to win that 20 coins...
  8. next it says: Silver & Gold coins (legal tender) 7118900090 duty rate 0% VAT Exempt or 17.5% not too clear for me.
  9. a lot of surfing the net later: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/taxation/vat/how_vat_works/vat_on_services/index_en.htm "From 1 January 2010, new rules have been introduced to ensure that VAT on services will better accrue to the country of consumption [see Directive 2008/8/EC adopted by the EU Council of Ministers and the press release IP/08/208Press Enter or click to choose translations of the previous link ]. The place of taxation is determined by where the services are supplied. This depends not only on the nature of the service supplied but also on the status of the customer recei
  10. Anyone has ever came across this post response from HMRC? http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/27088/response/70484/attach/html/3/1050%2010%20response%20letter.pdf.html What on earth does that mean? We'll tell you when we catch you? We can not tell you whether or not you will have to pay VAT because otherwise you may not. I am not Brittish so maybe it is all due to my upbringing but that seems to me a bit totalitarian. How am I supposed to believe in a fair taxation if the taxation is so secret that I do not even know how to apply it correctly... Weird...
  11. Hi there, Me again. I wondered if I bought Silver bullion coins or bars in Belgium (6% VAT), netherelands or germany (7%VAT) and have them sent to the uk wether I would have to pay the difference in VAT? I thought there was free transfer of goods in the EU but just to be sure I'd like to pick the forums brain.
  12. If you have not sold them yet, I could take them off your hands. I am based in edinburgh and could pay in any way you prefer PM me if you are interested. cheers, Jan
  13. I just looked at the website. So, you do not have to pay tax on purchases under £18 but will it be seen llike that by the taxman if you buy a 100 of those bullion coins 1 by 1?
  14. Thanks guys! was not too worried as Baird and co are indeed a name in the trade but am now completely assured
  15. Hi there, I bought a small amount of bullion coins at Baird and co. I was a bit surprised that those coins did not come with some official minting certificate or something. I know certifacates can be faked but still... Do you normally get any government certificate with your coins?
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